Walk of the Sorrows

by: Anne J Gibson
made for the book: WSP4 - Nominated Photos

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Walk of the Sorrows

Walk of the Sorrows My neighbourhood is an odd mix of the very progressive and the very traditional. This is a local religious parade on a grey day in the fall. I was struck by the bizarre ambiance and contradictions clearly on display between these two worlds that seemed to live in perfect harmony with each other. The word "bizarre" comes to mind. ...

Walking over the Calatrava moon

Walking over the Calatrava moon In Barcelona, there is a tower of communications in Olympic Ring of Monjuich. In the sunset, a young couple walks over her surface ...


Hand Edinnburgh, Scotland ...

In the smoke

In the smoke This pic was taken during the Ganesha immersion rally. ...

Woman walking

Woman walking Asían woman walking on the Kurfürstendamm Ave., Berlin ...

Wake Up Message

Wake Up Message Wake Up Message ...


#agoodsmell Milano, Sept 11th - Piazza Gae Aulenti ...


Metropolis Cologne (DE), 2016. ...


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