You turn my whole world misty blue

by: Sara Biljana Gaon
winner of the "Viewers Choice" award of the competition: Black & White Photography -94- (2 images only!)

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You turn my whole world misty blue

You turn my whole world misty blue “The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables ...

A Man

A Man ...


Rain umbrella ...

The Daily Speed

The Daily Speed Hand pulled rickshaws have been a parallel and unique means of transportation in Calcutta, since the days of British occupied India. Now being clearly an icon to identify this city, the rickshaw pullers still stick to the unaltered layer of tradition no matter how developed the world is. ...

Shave & Art

Shave & Art I was amazed to find this tiny tucked away place in Sitarambagh in Hyderabad (India). The backdrop was an amazing array of rainbow colours adding to the glamour on street shave. ...


bear ...


Overcooked Shot taken in Marseille (Prado) ...


Pighead Lucena City, Philippines ...


Siesta Foreign workers relaxing on their day off. ...

Victory Day

Victory Day (highres photo of ...

I am not the only one

I am not the only one How much is left of that little girl my granddad portrayed many years ago? I choose to believe that spirit knows no time… ...

First day in Barcelona

First day in Barcelona -So how is Barcelona doing, Ruslan? -Well what can I say... ...


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