Street story

by: Vasco Trancoso
made for the book: The Human Condition - Photobook Project

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Street story

Street story A very hot day. An evening with warm light and huge shadows. The colors complement each other harmoniously. A man seems to walk along the wall towards an ad that promises bright yellow fresh beers. Or maybe towards the red lights and green roof, glowing in the dark, of a taxi stopped with the door opened, mysteriously, as if, with premeditation, it was waiting for someone - because the ad also speaks of hitchhiking (boleia)? Magical and enigmatic mood. This is an open-ended story photo. So maybe you will have your own interpretation and narrative. “You could frame anything: unrelated things, and putting them in a frame suddenly they are related and you have an image that perhaps is surreal, or magical, or prophetic.” - Joel Meyerowitz ...


23 ...


Triangles Shot taken in Aix-en-Provence (France). ...

To old for this job

To old for this job Old man pushing a heavy load ...

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei Shot taken in Marseille. ...


Worker ...

Waiting tram pass

Waiting tram pass This photo was taken in Lisboa i was in this stop waiting for a special situation, then the woman appeared in front...and click!! ...

#somelifeconnectionMilan 42

#somelifeconnectionMilan 42 Milano, Via Torino - May 2016 ...


Evergreen Classic midcentury modern camper in the wildlife od modernist housing estate in Poznań, Poland. ...


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