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One Minute On Earth 2015


One Minute On Earth 2015 We are less than 2 weeks away from the One Minute on Earth 2015! This is a first of a quick set of points and facts I will be posting here to help us all be prepared and get the most out of the project! 1. What is One Minute on Earth 2015 (OMOE 2015)? Is a photography project hosted by in which photographers from all over the world synchronize to take photos of where they happen to be or choose to be on the One Minute. The idea is to picture the Earth we live in that unique minute—a collaborative simultaneous worldwide panorama! 2. When is OMOE 2015? OMOE 2015 will take place on 10 October 2015 from 10:10 am until 10:11 am United Kingdom time. In the past we have used GMT or UTC times to announce the One Minute, but people were confused as the UK changes its time during the summer to GMT+1, UTC+1 (mind boggling, I know), and we missed some good shots because of this. In any case, if you like using UTC, the time of the One Minute will be UTC 09:10. 3. How do I find out when I should take my photos for OMOE 2015? You can check the time difference from where you will be to the UK time or use this link: We will be posting the times for several major cities in the days before the project for further guidance. 4. Do I have to be a professional photographer to participate in OMOE 2015? No, OMOE 2015 is open to photographers from all levels and styles. Please sign up for the project at and invite your friends, no matter where they are! Do your best to get high-quality photos for the project. 5. Do I have to upload the photos I take on the One Minute right away, on the same One Minute? No. We expect many of the participants to be traveling or in places where there may not be internet or telephone access when they take their photographs. What is important is to take the photos in the One Minute. You will have at least a week to download and edit your photos before you upload them into the project's page at 6. What happens to the photos I take and submit for OMOE 2015? All photos will be voted among the participants in the project and will be displayed at the website (you can see those from OMOE 2013 and OMOE 2014 in the Photobooks tab). The best photos from each time zone and world region will go into a photography book. The copyright, other than the uses related to the project and project book, remains with you. 7. What type of photos should I take? All styles are welcomed. Only guideline is that the photos should be outdoors so that the photo reflects the time of day and weather where you were on the One Minute and that your camera's time is checked beforehand so the photos contain the information (and geotagging if you have it) of where you where on the One Minute. So landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, street shots, etc, are all welcome! You can take a look at what other photographers did in 2013 and 2014 in the website. We have had great photos from people fishing at sea during the night, people riding on their cars in the Canadian prairies, etc! Just be ready to shoot on the One Minute! 8. What if the weather changes where I was planning to shoot for OMOE 2015? Have a plan B in place depending on potential weather conditions where you will be. In our experience, plan Bs have worked out awesomely for many in past projects! 9. Why participate in OMOE 2015? it is an exhilarating and bonding project to take part on! Most importantly, each year the proceeds from the sponsorships of the project and sales OMOE book of are given to a particular charity that is selected each year for the project. 10. Who will benefit from the OMOE 2015 project? In 2013, the funds obtained with the book went to help street children in Kolkata. In 2014, we were able to obtain 2 sponsorships and provide great help to an Orphanage in South Africa. This year we are looking to help a charity involved with relief efforts for children and families displaced by war in the Middle East. We have not yet decided on a final charity to support yet. Please let us know if you have one in mind! Have a great Sunday and spread the word about the project to all your photography friends! Francisco ...



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