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Business Trips_Life goes on and we carry our luggages

Business Trips_Life goes on and we carry our luggages Our burden Our joy Our past Our genetical trees Ourselves in one luggage that we take by hand everyday and we keep trailing wherever we go, for whatever we do, until whenever we can. I am thinking of them, as I am thinking of myself, of you and you and you and everyone in this world, this tiny world. World where challenges seem too big when our feet touch the ground, but so small when we are within the clouds, above them, piercing through and trying to detect a small detail among a bigger frame than we are used to. I always think of you when I am touching the sky. I always dream of you, as soon as my eyes are embracing the internal fly. ...

Business trips_Trying to look up but I am going down

Business trips_Trying to look up but I am going down Ohhhhh I don't know. Not knowing anymore who I am, what I need and where I go. I drug myself with melancholy and retrospection. I was embedded by my own fear and living into my own sphere, avoiding any contact, any help, any friends. I dove into work-alcoholism and tried to find a balance between fetichism and egoism. I had to see her smile when she was looking at me. I had to see her eyes when she was trying to help me. I had to watch her movement, so delicate and elegant, while I was just watching TV. I m trying to look up but I have the feeling that I am sliding down the stairs leading to despair. Hope is the trigger of my strength to stay myself and to learn again how to step up, stand up and move out of my unconscious atmosphere. I just have to be fair along the word flair and not misunderstand the meaning of Life because I want to heave to the dock of Love… again. I have to listen to my friends, who ask me to love me. ...


AUREVOIR dear KUJAJA Dear all, dear photographers, and dear virtual friends, I decided to quit Kujaja. Before that moment, I wanted to warn you, since I ve been attached to this community of excellent photographers, since now years. I just don't want to be faced to hypocrisy towards myself and not answering your comments, or just passing as a guy posting photographs but not even daring to look at other photographs. Which is the case unfortunately, and I will miss Kjj, but I decided to leave this website, and to go towards instagram. I will also leave 500px and will go on posting in facebook. Thank you very much for all your kindness over this time here, and wish you all health and happiness. My email if you want to write me is osvaldo.mirante@outlook.com or my website is you want to get a glance of what I am doing in photography. www.osvaphotography.com Will miss your sincerity and our shared time. Kind regards Osvaldo ...


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