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Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe   Alex Coghe
Alex Coghe is an Italian established editor and photographer currently based in Mexico City whose professional activity ranges from photojournalism to fashion photography. Internationally recognized for his street photography he worked on assignment for Leica Camera AG in 2013 for “People of Chapultepec” a photo story published on the Leica X catalog distributed worldwide.
Currently he is documenting "life in the barrio", showing the daily life in popular neighborhoods of Mexico City.
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  The Street Photography Guide - WSP recommendation
Do you want to learn Street Photography or changing your approach, improving your skills on the street?
The book is divided into three main categories: HISTORY, AETHETICS AND MOTIVATIONS, TECHNIQUE. I included a chapter where famous street photographers that I interviewed in these years share their thoughts about Street Photography (Blake Andrews, David Gibson, James Dodd, Markus Hartel and many more).
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Don Springer

Don Springer   Don Springer
“As photographers we must do our work without fear of acceptance or rejection by others or by ourselves. We do our work because we must. We don’t define our work, it defines us. It makes us who we are and shows us the way to become who and what we strive to be.” dms
The magic of photography grabbed me at the age of 13. At 14, I already had a darkroom setup. Since then, it has been my life's work. I say work because it is a struggle in many ways but it's a chosen struggle. Now that I am older, I heed the call of my younger shooter friends. Helping and teaching is a shared responsibility but with age comes patience. With patience comes the release of knowledge. With knowledge comes the freedom to create and develop a lust for photography. Gido asked me to write some stuff about me and if I'm writing about photography, it is me.
It is said that shooters should try to see as if seeing something for the first time. I'd rather see something as if I'm seeing it for the last time. Go in peace but go with a camera in your hand.
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Chris Suspect

Chris Suspect   Chris Suspect
The son of a diplomat, Chris Suspect was born in the Philippines in 1968. He is a street and documentary photographer hailing from the Washington, D.C. area. He specializes in capturing absurd and profound moments in the quotidian. His street photography work has been recognized internationally and has been exhibited in Miami, Germany, Georgia and the United Kingdom. His documentary work on the underground music scene in Washington, D.C., was published as a book, Suspect Device, by Empty Stretch in 2014 and was a featured exhibit in the Leica Galerie at Photokina 2014 in Koln, Germany. In 2015, this same series was exhibited at the Tblisi History Museum in Georgia during the Kolga Tblisi Photo Festival. The work is currently held in the Leica Galerie Archives. Since 2012 he has been a member of the STRATA photo collective, focussing on street photography and located in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

In this past year, Suspect was named a finalist in the Urban Picnic Street Photography Awards (UK), a finalist in the Miami Street Photography Festival and was shortlisted for the International Street Photography Awards (UK). Locally, he was named the winner of the Washington City Paper’s 2014 Photography Contest. Previously served as a judge for the Miami Street Photography festival during Miami Art Basel (2013), he won Photo District News’ “The Scene” contest for music photography (2013) and received an honorable mention in the Chicago Photographic Society’s first annual street photography contest (2013).

Suspect’s work has recently been featured in the Huffington Post, Photo District News and on the Leica Camera Blog. He also has published photographs in the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, CNN, The Atlantic, Forbes and many other media outlets in the US, Germany, Canada and Brazil.
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Jonathan Highbee

Jonathan Higbee Jonathan Higbee
"Jonathan's being behind the camera seems to calm him, it seems to connect him with his subjects. I like that about this work. I also love that this work is in color. So much of what he captures here just wouldn't work in monochrome - and perhaps that instinct to search out these moments of color is what indicates a master color photographer more than anything." -- Michael Ernest Sweet
Huffington Post 7/19/15
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Lara Kantardjian

Lara Kantardjian Lara Kantardjian
Fine art street photographer and artist (b. 1968 Nicosia, Cyprus), based in London. Working predominantly with film photography. Began art education 1987 and studied fine art painting and photography at the London University of the Arts, graduating with a BA Degree from Central Saint Martins and Masters Degree at Chelsea College of Art (1992-‘96). During which time, did an Internship at Sotheby’s and a Curatorial Training Program at the Tate, London, worked at Smith’s Gallery for The Contemporary Society and assisted in curating group exhibitions at the Lethaby Gallery, Smith’s Gallery and London Institute Gallery. Thereafter leased a warehouse and in partnership set up an independent artists run studio and gallery showcasing emerging artists. Exhibited both paintings and photographs in solo and group shows since 1993, in London, Paris, Budapest, NYC and most recently at The Shanghai International Photography Festival, with work housed in private and public collections, including the UK Public Art Collection. Member of ACAVA (Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art) and resident artist at Palace Wharf Studios (1998-’14). Initiated The Analogue Street Collective – a project featuring and publishing the work of the collective as well as invited street photographers and currently working on book publications.
Publications featuring Lara Kantardjian's work include Inspired Eye Magazine, STARK-Magazine, doc! photo magazine and Aorta magazine with the recent Urban Pulse / Rome project featured in Resource Magazine and at LensCulture.

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Lauren Welles

Lauren Welles   Lauren Welles
Lauren Welles is a former corporate attorney who switched careers in order to focus full-time on her passion for photography. While her commercial photography spans a wide range of genres, from architecture to lifestyle, she is best known for her street photography. That’s quite fine with her, as the streets are where her heart is happiest. Her work is known for its multi-layered compositions and the stories they create. She is based in New York City.

Lauren’s work has appeared in PDN Online, Emerging Photographer magazine, World Photography Organization’s website, the Phoblographer, Rangefinder and Tokien magazines, as well as “The Fence” at Photoville, in New York City, PhotoLeiden, in the Netherlands, the Umbrella Arts Gallery, in New York City, and the South Street Seaport Museum, in New York City.
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Michael Ernest Sweet

Michael Ernest Sweet   Michael Ernest Sweet
Michael Ernest Sweet is a Canadian writer, photographer, and HuffPost blogger. And, a poet too! Michael is the author of two street photography books, "The Human Fragment" and "Michael Sweet's Coney Island" both from Brooklyn Arts Press. His instantly recognizable street photography is known for its gritty up-close depictions of humans in their natural habitat. Michael has been awarded two of Canada's highest civilian honours - The Prime Minister's Award and The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal - for significant contributions to education and the arts. Michael Sweet lives in New York City.
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  The Human Fragment by Michael Ernest Sweet – WSP Recommendation
“Like a modern-day Weegee, Michael Ernest Sweet proves conclusively that photography is not quite yet a lost art. Utilizing composition, texture, and depth of field to capture his public and frankly open subjects, his work makes you long for a time when photographers were valued for their style and eye.” – Bruce LaBruce

“Michael Ernest Sweet’s photos are not sweet at all – they are rich and investigative, with a unique voice that speaks of presence, mystery, and selectivity – a highly personal vision.” – Jay Maisel

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Peter Kool

Peter Kool   Peter Kool
Peter Kool was born 1953 in the Netherlands and moved to Belgium in 1973 to work in a steel factory as an operator for 35 years to follow.
He started studying photography in 1980 at the academy of Sint-Niklaas during evenings and weekends and graduated in 1985.
Exhibited in Sint-Niklaas, Charleroi, Bruges and was 1st laureate of the province of Luik culture award in 1982.

Photography is for him an ongoing quest to capture singularity in an image and to enjoy the chasing itself during the long walks on known or unknown territories.
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Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki   Tatsuo Suzuki
Tatsuo lives in Tokyo, Japan. He began shooting street in 2008. He works at photography everyday but finds it difficult at times.
For Suzuki, daily shooting is the most important element of street photography.

Tatsuo’s awards include: 2011 Photo Awards Honorable Mention (Street). 2012 - Black and White Spider Awards 2nd Place (Portrait), Honorable Mention (Fashion) PX3 Gold Awards (Press) Israel Harvanism Street Contest 1st Place. 2013 - Urban Picnic Street Contest Top30 Finalist, PX3 3rd Place (Portrait), Gold (Portrait - Personality), Gold (Press - People/Personality),Photolux + PhotoVogue Photo Contest 1st Place. 2014 - Sony World Photography Awards Commended (Smile Category), Unlimited Grain Gallery Contest Best 50 photographers.

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Setsiri Silapasuwanchai

Setsiri Silapasuwanchai   Setsiri Silapasuwanchai
Setsiri Silapasuwanchai, aka Mr.Lightman1975, is a member of Loopers Collective Group and one of the founder of Poke My Eyes, a heavily moderated and curated street photography group on Flickr. He graduated from Chiangmai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Photography. From 1995 - 2004, he worked with prominent magazines in Thailand as chief photographer and fashion photographer. In 2005, he became a photography freelancer with advertising agencies for 5 years. In 2013, he discovered street photography and “fell passionately in love with it” because of its uniqueness. He said that “all photographs are taken depending on time and moment, as well as human features”. Two of his photos were chosen for the finalists of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2014. His photographs are modern-street, which are surreal and full of vibrant colors. “All photos were taken with deep passion, so I hope you like his work as much as I do and continue to visit his website”
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Siegfried Hansen

Siegfried Hansen   Siegfried Hansen
Siegfried Hansen traces visual compositions from graphics and colours and creates „Street Photography“ which main points are not humans and faces, but graphic connections and formal relations. It shows the aesthetics of the coincidence in a public area, which is full of surprises.

He is one of 45 famous street photographers from around the world, profiled in the book “Street Photography Now” by Thames and Hudson.

Since April 2014 member of the worldwide famous streetphotographer-collective iN-PUBLiC.
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  Hold the line - WSP recommendation
By Siegfriend Hansen
Street photography exists as a genre in incredibly many facets and manifestations. It is always about the right time to release the shutter, at a moment that captures and accurately re° ects what is ° eeting and coincidental. For Siegfried Hansen, street photography is not so much in the nature of reportage and documentation. What he is interested in is graphic elements, shapes, interwoven lines and structures that, when harmoniously related to one
another, yield an abstract image. Whereas in the photographs of such prominent role models as André Kertész and Ernst Haas people play a major role, in the works of this Hamburg photographer faces and people are only suggested and are at best only dimly visible. No more is shown than is needed to create an interesting and balanced combination of people and objects.
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