Looking at Art, the Art of Looking

Jerry Weber
2018-06-03 12:22:38
Hi Joochem,
Yesterday, June 2, the only day I had available, I tried to upload some photos to the Looking competition but it was not available. I looked at the terms which said June 2, 2018 was the end date. And rule no. 5 stated that "Closing date for entering photos is mentioned at each competition at the terms tab. After this date the no further entries to the competition will be permitted.”

So it wasn't AFTER June 2 that I tried to upload my photos, but ON June 2. And as I mentioned, the competition was unavailable when I tried. I wrote several emails to Gido about my efforts and he was out but got back to me on June 3 at 12:43am and 1: 20am. He said I need to talk to you since this is your project.

Jochem, how can I add my photos to your competition, which I thought I could do on the last day, June 2? Many thanks for your help.
2018-04-03 10:43:20
trying to upload but getting internal server error
Fa Rina
2018-03-09 22:33:54
Thank you for initiating this great competition, Jochem.
Unfortunately, the number of images is limited to five...... I could fill a book....... quantitative :)
Have a nice we!!

Jochem Schmidt
2018-03-11 16:33:15
Thank you Fa, I see what you mean after looking at all your photos. They are wonderful! The decision which photo to choose as ones best is always difficult, because It is a somewhat emotionally painful task.
Soumyodeep Mukherjee
2018-03-06 16:21:39
Can I upload photos which are not recent ?? I mean can I upload any photo taken on 2017 or 2016 ??
Jochem Schmidt
2018-03-06 17:56:38
Yes you can. The terms of this project do not say otherwise.
Best of luck,
2018-03-06 19:07:14
I have to check who started this project, I have no idea :-) all can start projects
Jochem Schmidt
2018-03-06 19:26:42
I started this project, Gido
2018-03-06 20:29:30
super cool!



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