World Street Photography 5

Front Cover: Yosri Lahouar back cover: Tomasz Bosiacki
2019-03-14 20:19:57
FYI the last competition of the already 6th world Street Photograpyh photo book is running at the moment, you can join until the 23th of March 2019 23:59:59 CET
Kevin Icabales
2019-02-13 07:45:09
Hi Gido! I recently purchased the book last week. How long will it take to be delivered here in the Philippines? Thanks much!
Marcelo Garcia
2018-07-19 01:53:16
The book arrived today (I live in São Paulo, Brazil) and I couldn't be more happy and grateful with the printing quality and the great company I'm in. Great work, people! Now, let's work for the W.St.Photo 6!
Romà Sorrosal
2018-07-07 13:17:16
I have not received the book yet, do I have to worry? Can I do some management to know when I will receive it?
2018-07-08 00:28:46
You do not have to worry. If you didn't get your book we will find out why and and the end you will always get your book
Romà Sorrosal
2018-07-22 11:56:22
The book has not yet arrived, I have not seen any contact email, so I continue to write in the forum, I do not know if it is the right place
paulo abrantes
2018-07-03 16:09:50
Receber muito copy just know. Amazing street photography book amazing work everybody. Congrats to all the community 🙂
paulo abrantes
2018-07-03 16:10:31
*** received
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2018-07-03 05:00:25
Received my copy today. Thank you Gido !
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-07-03 00:31:11
I received today my copy of the book! Happy to be part of such an amazing photobook I’m really speachless about the quality and the very good sequiences of the photographs which are all amazing. Hope you’ll sell a lot of copies:)))
Anita Palcheska
2018-07-02 12:13:22
Finally my book came this morning... Guys I'm speachless how good this looks. Congrats to all the team on such a good work, to put all of us from around the world in so classy designed edition. And I am so glad to be part of it. I keep sharing and I hope we sell many, many more copies, this is worth to be par of everyone's home library :).
2018-07-02 20:23:45
glad you like the book, and yes we need to sell more copies, 10 more copies to be able to pay for the print.
Mario Harlekin
2018-07-02 23:33:04
I would like to buy two. But I can’t choose to at the same time. The page links me automatically to PayPal after klicking the buy button.
paulo abrantes
2018-07-02 23:46:35
Hi Mario
If you go to the chart, you can choose the quantity / amount of units you want
Anita Palcheska
2018-07-03 13:19:27
do you think that maybe some social media push would help in the sales? perhaps fb promotion or instagram... or something like that? it takes a page instead of a profile and little bit effort on inviting everyone to like it, but if it helps selling the book why not... I offer my help there, since I work already in that area (social media marketing), so feel free to write to me if you like.
2018-06-26 20:34:54
Today received WSP5 BOOK!

It is a magnificent book with great quality. All the photographs are absolutely great!!!.
Thank you very much for selecting two of my photographs.

I am very happy to be with all my colleagues. Very thankful!!!!! TOP!!!!!
2018-07-02 20:23:58
happy you like it!
2018-07-07 14:20:24
I bought one more!!! ;)
2018-06-22 15:28:28
We got into the Newspaper "die Zeit":
David Shokouhbeen
2018-06-25 00:16:41
And some very very interesting comments beneath...😳
2018-06-25 08:25:29
mostly great comments I think, the other comments about the titles are silly (who cares about the title? trolls) and the ones who think the photos are setup just dont know how many great street photographers are here. If we have the slightest idea that a photo (which gets into the book) is possed or set up, we ask the photographer about the story behind the photo and always there has been a credible story.
Worrying about that is, I think, silly or jealously for what counts is the great photos shown.
Osvaldo Mirante
2018-06-25 09:01:52
Hi Gido and team

I just received the photobook WSP5 and I love it.

Thank you very much and really congrats on that high quality.

Cheers !

2018-06-19 18:56:54
Check out the video made by Samuel and Sofian, it is totally awesome
Daniele Zarri
2018-06-19 21:18:42
2018-06-19 22:47:55
Perfect, and Daniele Zarri funny english!!!!
Daniele Zarri
2018-06-20 09:06:20
ahahah Funny?!? too Kind man! ahahaha ;-)
Bruno Cunha
2018-06-21 22:39:28
Thank you so much for all the hard work and enthusiasm! What a great project! I hope my copy of the book does not take too long to reach its new home ;-)

Do you know if all the photos that are on the book are been exhibited? I was not able to identify my photo in any of the videos of the exhibition

2018-06-22 01:36:00
Yes all photos got exhibited. This year a selection of photos got their own side of the wall. I will make some photos on a tripod to show them all (The exibition is not done by us it is all in the hands of the Gudberg Nerger Gallery.)...But after the TV interview coming up on next tuesday.... I am already very exited about that...
2018-06-22 10:09:33
Wishing to see that TV interview Gido!!!!
rekha nag
2018-06-22 11:04:34
Congrats for the tv interview!!👍👍
2018-06-18 15:10:44
So done! everybody who ordered a book, the books are now on their way to you.
We are still short and missing around 25 orders... If your friends need a copy or you know people who'd want to buy it.. pls order the book over this website or over

Samuel Lintaro Hopf made a super super great video which will be online very soon, before I upload some crapy iphone photos let's wait a little bit and see this video. ;-)
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-06-18 19:20:25
Thank you so much Gido for all the great job!
Laurent Coust
2018-06-16 21:33:03
Hello evarybody,
Unfortunatly I've been unable to organise a flash trip to hamburg from south of France this week-end . Hope you spent beautiful moment and concretised nice meetings between photographers of the community. Cheers !
Osvaldo Mirante
2018-06-16 14:23:47
I am sorry i could not be for the vernissage... Unexpected events came.... :( I hope it went well and looking forward to seeing your videos and photos :)
2018-06-16 13:53:31
3 short videos from yesterday evening

more publications:
Osvaldo Mirante
2018-06-16 14:29:47
Hi Gido

Thanks a lot for the links .. the articles are awesome and I am happy they nominate this exhibition the most beautiful street photography exhibition ! Loved that, because I have not doubt it is true... I looked through the photos again and again, and all of you guys are amazing talented photographers !

I have a question, do you have any link without facebook ? I am sorry I do not have facebook and do not wish to log in again ...

Cheers and have a nice weekend

Thanks again a lot to the Kujaja Team !

Sourav Das
2018-06-15 21:42:37
Mr Gibo I wank live exhibition link
2018-06-15 17:04:20
check out the video (and give a lik of course) of the preperation of the wsp5 exhibition. The exhibition is done by the Gudberg Nerger Gallery and what we will see is also for me a surprise :-)
George Pentzikis
2018-06-15 10:44:03
Congratulations to everybody involved in this great project.
I am very happy and I feel honored to be selected and published in this book.
2018-06-15 08:33:35
I found more publicactions:

see you later
If any body visits the exhibition it would be great to see the photos on this website so every body can see them :-)

Dave Binyon
2018-06-15 09:14:45
Many Congrats
- I'm looking forward to receiving WSP5

Your enthusiasm astounds me, Gido.
Anita Palcheska
2018-06-15 09:24:12
Congratulations from me too... Beautiful coverage of the event 😊
Igor Coko
2018-06-15 07:39:09
Congrats to Gido and all the people involved in this huge and very important photography project. Its a honor and pleasure being part of this story and event. Happy opening today and many happy returns :)
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2018-06-15 06:47:34
Hey guys,
I hope I’ll see as many of you as possible this evening in Hamburg....! ;-)
Ignasi Raventos
2018-06-14 16:25:54
I wish all success to the exhibition and the book
Anita Palcheska
2018-06-13 12:05:38
Guys, I just pre-ordered the book... Can't make it to Hamburg on Friday, but I wish you all a good time and nice exhibition and promotion... Can't wait to see the photos and/or videos from the event :)... and to hold the book in my hands :)
2018-06-10 14:01:40
First articles are already appearing:
paulo abrantes
2018-06-13 17:12:43
congrats, Gido, for all the work done for the community. cheers
Daniele Zarri
2018-06-08 18:38:11
Hi guys,see you in Hamburg 15th ;-)
Federico Arcangeli
2018-06-08 19:51:55
Take a copy for me Daniele!!
Daniele Zarri
2018-06-08 20:01:18
once again together in the book, Federico 😉
Emanuele Dini
2018-06-08 20:34:28
Grande Daniele!!!!
Daniele Zarri
2018-06-08 20:48:18
ciao Emanuele 👍😉
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-06-08 11:49:00
I cannot come to the Exibition :(
Hope to see some photographs of it somewhere:)
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-06-08 11:49:00
I cannot come to the Exibition :(
Hope to see some photographs of it somewhere:)
2018-06-07 17:19:54
BTW for all who are on facebook,
here is the event for the exhibition of WSP 5:

and here the WSP1-4 exhibtiion

share it if like and help promoting :-)

Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2018-06-07 20:28:01

Plz also post some images of the exhibition, if possible.

I have pre ordered the WSP5.
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-06-06 21:20:17
Hi Gido,
I ordered the photobook by may the 17th, I would like to know ifit’s possibile to chance the shipping address of my order.
Do you know when will they send it?
2018-06-07 12:25:29
The book did not yet arrive so yes you can change the address pls send an email to
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-06-07 17:22:47
Thank you!
Samuel Lintaro Hopf
2018-06-04 03:05:19
Hi Gido and everyone,
I will be in Hamburg at the release event and I want to document the event on video and share it with everyone here. I work in videoproduction and I would love to contribute. Showing the vibe, exhibition, maybe some interviews. Is there any way besides facebook to get in contact with the organizers of the event in hamburg?

Bin auch selber Hamburger :)


2018-06-04 18:45:57
Hi Samuel,

Sounds interesting! I send over the request to the gallery but they didn't reply yet. The Gudberg Nerger gallery organises the exhibition.
There will also be a wsp 1-4 exhibition at the 8th of june in Kraftwerk Bille and there will also be other photographers exhibiting if I understood it correctly there are a few photographers from the offtrienalle there, I don't know the person who is in charge personally there but I'll can send over your request to the person who organized the wsp1-4 exhibition, if you want to.
The photos exhibited for WSP 1 - 4 can also be seen here:

2018-06-05 01:08:45
checked send you an email
Edgaras Vaicikevicius
2018-05-29 20:34:50
Hi Friends!
I want to ask about GDPR
Did street photography die in Europe? Following this law Data Protection and Street Photography ???
If Yes, its very sad :(((
paulo abrantes
2018-05-31 01:49:54
Hi Edgaras
Yes, it looks that the new path is in that direction.
But this is not new because in many countries you only can take pictures to people if they allow it in writing with a signed document.
Of course people didn´t care about this, and most of the times it goes well, but if someone did want to litigate in court he could with 100% success.
The new law just brings all together and for the same regime, like all countries bellow the same roof.
In my country i already do it from my day one in photography: because i don´t want to ask the consent of hundreds of people that i don´t know, most of the times i try to shoot people in a way they can be identified and i also process / edit in that direction / with that goal in mind.
So, bottom line, there is no new situation for real. They are just trying to write the same legal regime fo all the E.U. countries but each country already had his own particular regime.
Best regards

2018-05-31 08:47:39
It is not that bad as it seems, within the GDPR there are referals to each countries own laws about street photography and art laws. Meaning that the laws which have been in each country before still remain in tact. This is a very good explanation for the german version of the gdpr law (which has been adapated to 100% as I have understood):
More important is that websites make public how they save data from people who are visiting a website, we updated the privacy page for that. Presumably not all perfect yet we are working on that.

There are a lot of negative blog articles in the internet, don't let them take away your joy for street photography. Street photography lifes!

The GDPR laws are made to strike down companies like google or facebook who safe and sell all data they collect about you. For example, if you buy a phone today you are automaticly tracked by google or apple which is abusrd, people have to be asked before this happens and get the possiblity to dont allow this.
That's what GDPR is about, it is NOT about cuting down the freedom of making art.

have a happy day!

(if you want to discuss this issue more I think the talk site is a better place to disscus this )

Oliver-Parviz Engel
2018-05-31 09:05:42
I’m not 100% sure if the situation is so desperate. In Germany where I live and which is the origin of or the blueprint for this new EU law, we probably had even stricter rules for a long time. If I’m correctly informed our former law was even somehow weakened a little bit in order to find a EU-wide compromise.
So during recent years there was a famous lawsuit of a woman against a photographer. Her picture was taken by this artist in a Berlin street and his agency (Agentur Ostkreuz) displayed it (together with other street shots) on an open street on huge billboards somewhere in Berlin.
This lawsuit went all the way to the Bundesverfassungsgericht (the highest court in Germany) and the judges had to discriminate between the individual’s right to decide what happens with personal data and the general right of artistic freedom, which are both very important judicial issues. In the end they said that in this particular case it was not possible to display her image in the open street without her permission. BUT: if it had been a museum or a book the case would have been totally different!!!! So they just recently made a very important emphasis on the general right of artistic freedom (at least in Germany). The judges particularly said that street photography is a form of art which has certain rights and has to be protected.
I think that this judgement still holds true - even after the new EU law has come into effect....
Last week I talked to Wolfgang Zumborn (famous German street photographer and professional editor) and he was of the same opinion.
Let‘s all hope that street photography is NOT dead in Europe.

paulo abrantes
2018-05-31 17:42:09
I really have some doubts about this new way to look at this legal regime.
The problem seems that in a book who is about to sell in so many countries we may have many ways to look at these issues and at this regime.
In Portugal there was an issue also with someone a few years ago and the guy won the court case and the photographer had some problems to achieve a good deal.
As a consequence of that, the European highest Court made a decision that forbides the police to take a picture of people driving, for speeding tickets, in a way that they can be identified. Portugal followed this and pics for speeding tickets body of proof are always made from behind the car.
From my experience, it´s always in the beginning of a new legal regime that huge and not nice surprises can happen just because people (judges) don´t have an understanding beetween them about how to aply the law. And in the other hand the highest courts also don´t have many decisions. So this first times of the new law is always the most "dangerous" period.
As I said above, the best way to deal with it is to go with maximum caution and in my case, like I said, this means that i will try the most i can not to shoot people in a way that they can be identified. I will try to shoot people from the back and when from the front, I will try to edit / process in a way that they can not be identified.
Caution would be the best "adviser", for now.

Pye Maw
2018-06-09 19:18:35
congrats to all
Laurent Coust
2018-05-28 09:19:48
Big thanks to all of you for selecting one of my image for the book next to wonderful photographers I admire !
I will try to visit in Hamburg !
Saman Ali
2018-05-27 15:01:30
Many many thanks dear Gido for great honor :)
laura mexia
2018-05-25 00:25:53
It is a great honour to be published in this year book. Many thx and congrats to all the comunity.
Pankaj Sikder
2018-05-23 07:05:59
Thank you team wsp for selecting my work. Its an honor for me. I would to come for the exhibition. But in case i am unable to come.. is there any way i see it. Will u uploading videos etc.
Please let me know
Pankaj sikder
Mona Singh
2018-05-22 13:50:04
Big congratulations to all. Thank you team wsp for selecting my work. Its an honor. I would love to come for the exhibit. But incase i am unable to come.. is there any way i can see it. Will u be uploading videos etc?
Please let me know..
2018-05-22 19:58:23
Yes of course we will make photos, and publish them here:

we also went life a few times:
Mona Singh
2018-05-22 13:49:00
Big congratulations to all. Thank you team wsp for selecting my work. Its an honor. I would to come for the exhibit. But incase i am unable to come.. is there any way i see it. Will u uploading videos etc.
Please let me know
2018-05-22 12:04:58
Thank you so much for choosing two of my photographs for this magnificent street photography book !!!

Romeo Doneza
2018-05-22 09:18:42
Thank you so much SWP team. I am glad to be selected and published! A great thank to all the team and congrats everyone ... Cheers !
Romà Sorrosal
2018-05-20 19:25:59
Thank you so much to select my photo.
Mayukh Mitra
2018-05-20 11:41:07
Dear Gido I have a suggestion if possible then which photograph were published in WSP books , give some special published logo on these photos.
Mario Harlekin
2018-05-20 08:50:06
WHO of the winners will be at the exhibition in Hamburg??
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2018-05-20 09:16:26
I still haven’t decided yet, but I’d like t come. I’ve be there fo the last two vernissages and both events were very nice. Especially last year the presentation of the pics was extraordinarily good: the photos were printed on black wallpaper and the whole room was papered with it. The atmosphere was nice too: casual and not aloof at all.
Maybe see you (and others) there - would be great!

Anita Palcheska
2018-05-20 09:40:01
I would like to go too. It's my first book photo here and I'm very honored and look forward to it. Will know definitely around 1st of June and I will write here to see if anyone decided to go :)
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2018-05-20 09:47:19
Sam Rodgers
2018-05-22 13:48:36
Looking forward to it - I'll be there.
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2018-05-22 15:18:21
Wow, that's cool! I'm pleased to see you there....!
Laurent Coust
2018-05-28 09:22:10
trying to organize a trip !
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2018-05-31 13:49:50
That’s cool Obatala, I’ll come, too...!
Neema Nick
2018-05-19 15:23:37
Thank you so much.....
Ayanava Sil
2018-05-19 08:19:51
This a like a dream coming true thanks a lot Mr. Gido and team World Street Photography. Congratulations to all the selected photographers. :)
Dipak Sarkar
2018-05-19 05:11:13
Amazing!!! It would be agreat book to buy. How can i buy this book?
2018-05-19 14:16:44
you can preorder the book here:
it will arrive just before the 15th of june and then gets send out
Samuel Lintaro Hopf
2018-05-20 14:15:00
Hi Gido, can the book also be purchased at the release party?
Marcelo Garcia
2018-05-18 17:26:30
There are really great photos selected for the book and I'm glad (and flattered) to be in such good company.

I don't know if there's time for this, but I'm signing with my other name, now. is it possible that my name would be written Marcelo Garcia instead of Marcelo Davera? If it's too late for any changes like this, no problem.

Thanks, again.
2018-05-18 23:43:06
No the book is gone in print and we cant change anything anymore.
2018-05-18 10:45:47
Some numbers

20777 photos where uploaded in all competitions for wsp 5, from photographers from 77 countries…. Funny so many 7’s must be a lucky book

212 photos are in the book from photographers from 35 countries

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Korea, South
New Zealand
Serbia and Montenegro
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
2018-05-18 11:11:24
Anita Palcheska
2018-05-18 11:14:29
Really amazing!
Mayukh Mitra
2018-05-18 11:21:22
Osvaldo Mirante
2018-05-18 12:00:57
Yeeees !
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2018-05-19 15:06:18
Congrats for the amazing work. Though not in the book, I am making the pre order. Glad to be part for 20777 and honoured with 2 nomination ! Thank you Gido for selecting my image for the exhibition.
Bruce Saille
2018-05-18 03:32:56
Thank you Kujaja?WSP for this honor and congrats to all who made it in the book and everyone else in the community. Everday I amazed at the quality of work that is posted on WS-P and it's is this quality and diversity that helps me become a better photographer.
2018-05-17 21:39:41
For the list with all names is already moved to archive and not visible anymore, and there is not yet a newsletter or wsp5 website here again the names

Ade Andryani
Adrian Capusan
Alex Cruceru
Anita Palcheska
Antonio E. Ojeda
António Carreira
Arsenio Jr Nidoy
Avesina Dharma
Ayanava Sil
Bassam Ihab
Biswajit Kumar
Bouwe Brouwer
Brice Garcin
Bruce Saille
Bruno Cunha
Cevin Kartero
Chan Chun Ming
Chelly Kay Bouferrache
Chris Suspect
Christopher Reuter
Colin Page
Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello
Damon Jah
Daniele Zarri
Dariusz Madziński
David Shokouhbeen
Delio Tolosa
Diana Kykot
Dickie Hill
Dipto Kairy
Dominika Ożyńska
Евгений Степанов
Ed Robertson
Edgaras Vaicikevicius
Elisa Distefano
Elizabeth Char
Enamul Kabir
Erick Peres
Erik Witsoe
Fabrizia Ascatigno
Fadi BouKaram
Federico Arcangeli
Florian Lavie-Badie
Gabriele Baretella
George Pentzikis
Giuseppe Pons
Gobinda Paul
Grzegorz Żukowski
Hakim Boulouiz
Hanna Sierakowska
Harry Aaldering
Helmut Ph. Kluge
Hieu Truong Minh
Hitesh Makwana
Ianos Rafael
Ignasi Raventos
Igor Coko
Ines MadDel
Ivan Huet
Jeffrey De Keyser
Jerry Weber
Jesus Jimenez
Jochem Schmidt
Johnny Garcea
Jonathan Higbee
Josh Ethan Johnson
Jubair Iqbal
Julia Coddington
Julian Del Nogal
Katarzyna Kubiak
Katica Kapulica
Kevin Icabales
Kirth Bobb
Ko Gowing
Koushik Sinha Roy
Lara Kantardjian
Laura Mexia
Lazarev Roman
Leonardo Garofalo
Luigi Lauria
Marcelo Davera
Marco Brecciaroli
Mario Harlekin
Massimiliano Landi
Mateusz Grabowski
Mathias Wasik
Matteo Abbondanza
Mayukh Mitra
Melissa O‘Shaughnessy
Melvin Anore
Michal Pachniewski
Michele Battilomo
Mike Gal
Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman
Mona Singh
Moushumee K Jha
Neema Nick
Norbert Oksza Strzelecki
Norman Produit
Obatala Photography
Olah Laszlo-Tibor
Oliver-Parviz Engel
Omesh Meena
Osvaldo Mirante
Pankaj Sikder
Patrick Wendt
Paulo Abrantes
Peter Ydeen
Philip Bourke
Pierpaola Bucciol
Rab Thanasorn
Roberto Manfredi
Roland Groebe
Romeo Doneza
Romà Sorrosal
Sakib Pratyay
Sakulchai Sikitikul
Sam Rodgers
Saman Ali
Samuel Lintaro Hopf
Shah Toufiqur Rahman
Siegfried Hansen
Simone C. Sander
Sonal Shah
Soumyendra Saha
Sourav Das
Stanislav Sitnikov
Stefano Gallo
Stefano Lista
Sutapa Roy
Syafrizal Gatfani
Tejal Mewar
Tim Huynh
Tin Trong
Tom Young
Tomasz Bosiacki
Tony Lif
Torsten Köster
Vanessa Cass
Vinod Babu
Widiyanata S. Fresta
Xenia Zakruzhnykh
Yannis Bautrait
Yosri Lahouar
2018-05-17 21:40:42
I see the copy and pasting didnt work properly those weird characters are from the database, dont worry about it Köster is for example Köster
2018-05-17 21:49:32
Thank you so much Gido!!!
Grant Hardeway
2018-05-18 04:01:36
Thank you for supplying this.
A big congrats to all who made it!
Stanislav Sitnikov
2018-05-18 11:03:22
Thank you Gido!!!
Mayukh Mitra
2018-05-18 11:22:15
Congrats to all and thanks to GIDO.
Luigi Lauria
2018-05-31 10:41:42
Thanks a lot Gido and congrats to all, so many interesting pictures! I'll be in Hamburg the 15th !
Helmut Ph. Kluge
2018-05-17 21:01:51
Thanks to Kujaja/WSP team for all the engagement . I‘m happy to be part of this community with all these awesome photographers . Take care and see you !
Vanessa Cass
2018-05-17 16:51:17
Thank you so very much for this honor, I am floored and so grateful to be included among so many brilliant photographers, congratulations to all !! cheers!!!
Grant Hardeway
2018-05-17 17:21:40
Congratulations! Where do you go to find out inclusion in the book?
rekha nag
2018-05-17 13:07:01
Congratulations everyone who made it to book and who didn't. It was a great year and hope the next year to be much more exciting and awesome. Cheers!!!👍
Philip Bourke
2018-05-17 12:06:13
Absolutely thrilled to be selected, thrilled. My mother passed away yesterday but this brought a bit of light.
Julián Del Nogal
2018-05-17 13:14:24
My condolences, Philip!
rekha nag
2018-05-17 15:34:30
So sorry to hear Philip. May her soul rest in peace.🙏
2018-05-17 17:58:34
condolences, Philip! very sorry to hear this.
Osvaldo Mirante
2018-05-17 19:09:00
My condolences dear Philip
Fa Rina
2018-05-17 19:29:47
My condolences dear Philip
Anita Palcheska
2018-05-17 20:00:44
My condolences
Helmut Ph. Kluge
2018-05-17 21:06:27
My condolences , Philip
Samuel Lintaro Hopf
2018-05-17 11:29:27
Thank you for the selection! And congratulation to everyone. Lots of really impressive work!
I have a question though. Is it possible to re-upload the selected photo? Because I am not too satisfied with the quality of my upload.
2018-05-17 11:36:02
Unfortunately no, that is not possible anymore the book is on its way to the printing house.
Elisa Distefano
2018-05-17 11:46:25
Hi Gido, I noticed there is a typos in the title of my photo. Suffereing instead of suffering. Do you think it can be fixed?
Samuel Lintaro Hopf
2018-05-17 12:23:54
That's what I was thinking too. Thanks for answering! Does the same apply for the exhibition in hamburg?
Julián Del Nogal
2018-05-16 18:48:15
Thank you very much for the selection. Congratulations to everybody!
Leonardo Garofalo
2018-05-16 14:27:23
Here we make the History. So inspirational work, I will write about WSP community in my book.
Fa Rina
2018-05-16 14:16:30
Congratulations to everybody who is in the book!!
Marcelo Garcia
2018-05-16 14:15:02
Yeeeeaaaayyy! It's so good to start the day with such great news! Thanks and congratulations to all!
Pierpaola Bucciol
2018-05-16 12:50:00
Thank you so much Gido I’m so glad to be selected and published! A great thank to all the team and congrats to all :)
Rafel Gaya
2018-05-16 12:06:48
Congrats to all of you who are in the book
Simone Sander
2018-05-16 11:57:48
Thanks so much,it's a great honor for me, and a lot of thanks to the great work of Gido and the team.
Lawrence High
2018-05-16 11:41:37
I think WSP book It's really the finest Street Photography from all around the world. I read and take a look at much books as possible about Street, this is without doubts the most impressive. Great project, great organisation, lot of visual culture with the noble purpouse of charity.
Giuseppe Pons
2018-05-16 11:01:57
Thank you so much to everyone!!!!
Congratulations to everybody!!!!
Johnny Garcea
2018-05-16 10:58:16
Grazie Gido e complimenti a tutti.
Stanislav Sitnikov
2018-05-16 09:43:09
Thanks !!Congratulations All !
francesco nola
2018-05-16 08:26:33
Hi gido my picture was selected but I don't understand why my name isn't listed
Christopher Reuter
2018-05-16 08:23:34
Gido and all guys from WSP thanks a lot for making this possible!! Congratulations to all you!!
Katica Kapulica
2018-05-16 08:23:30
Thank you so much!!... It's an honour for me!... Congratulations to all!
Dariusz Madziński
2018-05-16 08:12:56
Thank you so much!!!Congratulations All !
Mario Harlekin
2018-05-16 06:06:34
Thank you so much. To be in the book with 10 pics is such an unexpected honour. I can’t believe it. ❤️❤️❤️ Congrats to all winners. Your work is a great inspiration for me!
Kevin Icabales
2018-05-16 03:18:22
Wow! Thank you so much to the team! Congratulations everyone. The selected photos were absolutely stunning!
Ianos Rafael
2018-05-16 00:05:46
Congratulations to all ! Beautiful !
Peter Ydeen
2018-05-15 20:46:54
Thank you so much Gido, and all the others. an unexpected honor.
OLAH Laszlo-Tibor
2018-05-15 20:23:17
Thanks a lot! it's an honor for me, and congrats to all!
Lazarev Roman
2018-05-15 20:13:26
Congratulations All !
Igor Coko
2018-05-15 20:11:44
Thanks. And thanks. :) So honored :) Congratulations to all.
Anita Palcheska
2018-05-15 20:04:28
Thanks for the selection, it's an honor for me to be part of this book :)
Anita Palcheska
2018-05-15 20:05:54
And congrats to all participants, selected and not... it's been a joyride to be in this competition with you guys!
Caroline Errickson
2018-05-15 19:59:45
Congrats to all you winners!

Well deserved!
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2018-05-15 19:54:22
Congratulations All !
Tomasz Bosiacki
2018-05-15 19:52:11
Congratulations to all of you !!!!



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