Street photography WSP 4 - (7 of 9) (2016 photos only!)

Photo by Fabio Gori

Curator of this competition: Lara Kantardjian

Lara Kantardjian

Lara Kantardjian Lara Kantardjian
Fine art street photographer and artist (b. 1968 Nicosia, Cyprus), based in London. Working predominantly with film photography. Began art education 1987 and studied fine art painting and photography at the London University of the Arts, graduating with a BA Degree from Central Saint Martins and Masters Degree at Chelsea College of Art (1992-‘96). During which time, did an Internship at Sotheby’s and a Curatorial Training Program at the Tate, London, worked at Smith’s Gallery for The Contemporary Society and assisted in curating group exhibitions at the Lethaby Gallery, Smith’s Gallery and London Institute Gallery. Thereafter leased a warehouse and in partnership set up an independent artists run studio and gallery showcasing emerging artists. Exhibited both paintings and photographs in solo and group shows since 1993, in London, Paris, Budapest, NYC and most recently at The Shanghai International Photography Festival, with work housed in private and public collections, including the UK Public Art Collection. Member of ACAVA (Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art) and resident artist at Palace Wharf Studios (1998-’14). Initiated The Analogue Street Collective – a project featuring and publishing the work of the collective as well as invited street photographers and currently working on book publications. Publications featuring Lara Kantardjian's work include Inspired Eye Magazine, STARK-Magazine, doc! photo magazine and Aorta magazine with the recent Urban Pulse / Rome project featured in Resource Magazine and at LensCulture.
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First curator's choice
Congratulations Steven Jensen!

You & me vs the world

You & me vs the world You & me vs the world
Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian:I love how an image of what appears to be people waiting to cross the road has been elevated into something so extraordinary with a visual story that is at once intriguing and emotional. The title itself leads us to see more into this photo then first meets the eye. The idea of two souls against the world opens up so much room for interpretation. Overall the composition, light and focusing is what really makes this photo for me. You are drawn to this man and woman, the main subject here even though they are not entirely in focus - which just goes to show that not everything has to be in focus to tell a story. Their direct eye contact, silent communication and facial expressions which are suggested rather than known entirely along with the shadows of those waiting in front of them is enough to make you really feel the intensity of the moment.



Second curator's choice
Congratulations paulo abrantes!

No Time To Crank The Sun

No Time To Crank The Sun No Time To Crank The Sun
Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian:What an image! What a title! I love everything about this photo. I love the mysterious aspect of it all. I love not knowing fully what is actually happening, the motion blur, the ethereal light, the choice of lens used, the mood, the overall realization and impact it has. For me it is such a special image, one where on the one hand I want to know more about what is taking place, if that figure is running frantically away from or running towards something or someone, yet at the same time I feel it might take away from what is otherwise a beautiful mystery. For the photographer to have anticipated the scene is remarkable and a great testament to being aware of everything around you when your camera is at hand…so you are always ready to catch the moment, in this case a magical one.




Special Mentions

Congratulations Rudy BOYER!

Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian: A perfectly timed photo. A wonderful location, great shadows and bold use of colour. This is a photo taken with confidence. Absolutely nailed that bird, which is as much a part of the street as the human element is. This one looks like it owns that place. Fantastic work and a fine example of first class street photography – of the up close and focused kind. Nothing would pass by this photographer. It’s all seeing, all feeling the scene.



Congratulations Gimmi Corvaro!
Tea Time

Tea Time
Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian: What an eye for such a masterful composition! This photo could be straight out of one of the classic street photographs from the 50's. It has the same vintage feel in tone, characteristics and style. The placement and balance of all the elements are absolutely perfect. The direct gaze of the subject really draws you in, and his style, which in itself has a 50s look, personifies coolness. Loved this image from the first moment I saw it and have since viewed it many many times in awe.


Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian: This is one of those images that really makes you stop and feel. The POV draws you directly to the young boy's expression with his far-off eyes, which although all three boys' are, his is intense and serious. Whereas the others have their attention focused on something entirely different - on something actual as opposed to an emotion as caught in the main subject. The frames within frames also adds a distance to these boys - one alone in thought within his own space (frame), the others within their own world (frame) of curiosity. I really like the emotional impact this photo has. A very strong composition with a touching story for me.


Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian: Such a human photo. A slice of daily life with so much soul. I like how the relationship between the individual to their surrounding is captured here. The sense of another ordinary day of routine perhaps. The b&w rendering works perfectly with the mood. This is visual storytelling at its best. In its most purest form. Portraying the essence of everyday life in all its complexity, simplicity, reality and how we connect with everything around us. At least this is how this beautiful photo makes me feel.


Lara Kantardjian
Lara Kantardjian: An excellent shot! Its all about the light and the presence of these three figures, two of which are caught within it, the third, in its shadow. All three, although disconnected by one another to the extent of maybe not even being aware of their proximity are connected by that wonderful light. You really feel a sense of place here. Osaka in a certain light. The editing is excellent and shows us the importance of taking time to edit a photo and how it can alter the atmosphere. There's a whole world of greys and blacks out there. This photo is certainly made stronger by showing us those wonderful shades.



Winner of the Viewers Choice award
Congratulations Helmut Ph. Kluge!

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