Street photography WSP 4 - (9 of 9) (2016/2017 photos only!) - last call!!

Photo: Damien Chamcirkan, France

First curator's choice
Congratulations Sam Rodgers!

Servility always curdles into rage at the end.

Servility always curdles into rage at the end. Servility always curdles into rage at the end.
Damon Jah
Damon Jah:Despite the fact that this pic took me awhile to understand, I couldn’t stop watching it, till I got it. A body and a face on a flag in some relation in an accurat frame. Honestly there are not many pictures keep me captivated for so long. So for me it's a special street image, a winner!



Second curator's choice
Congratulations Patrick Wendt!

Wrong Way

Wrong Way Wrong Way
Damon Jah
Damon Jah:Actually I love all about this image. For me a particularly good picture, as the composition and the colors are working very well.

The whole action takes place on the right side of the image, but this is in contrast to the arrow on the street sign pointing to the left, where nothing happens at all. Furthermore you get a kind of relation to the subject, as at least one of women is showing her face.

So this street photo gives plenty of space for a good story and that is what I like a lot.




Special Mentions

Damon Jah
Damon Jah: It’s a fresh one with a winning point of view. The fingers on the bench are what makes it a winner for me.


Damon Jah
Damon Jah: This image is the proof that you do not need much content to create a good street photo. Special light and a tape, well set in scene, are completely enough. Very good!



Congratulations Anna Niemiec!
Between lines.

Between lines.
Damon Jah
Damon Jah: A very good graphic, cleanly aligned. The reflection of the building, which are framing the person from below and breaking the lines, makes it very good for me. And the icing on the cake is the horizontally running black headband. Very good.



Congratulations Ángel Armero!




Congratulations Kris Ćwik!
Kiss the cook

Kiss the cook



Winner of the Viewers Choice award
Congratulations Vasco Trancoso!

Competition award Street Kids

Street Kids Street Kids





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