Lauren Welles' street photography competition: Emotions (2017/2018)

Photo: Lauren Welles

First curator's choice
Congratulations Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman!


lauren welles
lauren welles:The balance of the composition and the content is what creates the magic in this photo. I see a lot of street photography in which the composition is perfect--multiple layers of elements, all spaced out properly to give the photo a sense of depth. But very often, the photos seem very cerebral or formulaic and don't "say" or make me feel all that much. On the other hand, there were a lot of submissions in this competition that showed someone experiencing an emotion, for example, but did not take into account the rest of the space in the frame. Lastly, there were many photos that showed someone emoting, literally, be it a child crying, laughing, etc. There is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to street photography, I am more interested in a photo that CREATES something, rather than just records something. I think it's very difficult to create a photo where the composition and content are equal in caliber. And those that do, stand out. This photo has so many interesting elements that lead the eye through the frame. The first thing I see is what looks like a hand (it's probably the shadow of a plant or something). Then the stepping stones lead me to the plant and then to the guy walking on the street, then to the pants hanging on the line and back to that "hand." The photo evokes "a calm before the storm" feeling in me. At first glance, everything looks pretty normal--someone;s laundry is hanging out to dry while a guy on a cel phone passes by. But at second glance, everything inside the gate, seems a little too quiet and perfect. And then that eerie looking "hand" gives me a sense that something is askew. This photo provides more questions than answers, and leaves me feeling very uneasy! Great job!



Second curator's choice
Congratulations Osvaldo Mirante!

An Arrowhead and three different emotions

An Arrowhead and three different emotions An Arrowhead and three different emotions
lauren welles
lauren welles:This photo makes me feel very ungrounded. The people seem to be floating in time and space. Nice use of light and shadow here. A note about the title-- I'm glad I didn't notice the title until after I chose the photo, as it might have limited the way I viewed the image. I did not see the lines as an arrowhead, nor did I see each person as having a different emotion. It was the play of dark and light that gave me the sense of being out of space and time. More metaphorical and less literal. If you allow the viewer to decide what to see, instead of indicating what you see via the title, you may be pleasantly surprised!




Special Mentions

Congratulations Roberto Gregori!

lauren welles
lauren welles: I love the colored, leading-lines of light in this photo, which are key to making it work. The soft blue gliding down the slide and the red going up/down the steps. They connect me to the two lovely scenes in the photo-- the people at the top right and bottom left (where the rim light is also key in separating out the dad from the background). This photo makes me feel very peaceful and calm.


lauren welles
lauren welles: Lovely, sensual image. I love the muted colors, interrupted pattern, and moody sky. I'm a sucker for rainy, warm days and this photo makes me feel like I'm experiencing one.



Congratulations Jeffrey De Keyser!

lauren welles
lauren welles: This photo could be out of a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie . Ominous, eerie, scary. The backward clock, the cross on her tooth, the eerie smile. A ghost emerging from the mental hospital? There are lot of ways I could interpret this photo, but they all leave me feeling a bit frightened!







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