Gallery AwardWe Had Big Plans For Your Teddy

We Had Big Plans For Your Teddy We Had Big Plans For Your Teddy
Copyright by: Greg Bethmann, United States
made for the book: World Street Photography 4
A teddy bear was left face down in a aisle at a Goodwill center in Groton, Connecticut.

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We Had Big Plans For Your Teddy
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This photo is in "The Gallery"
Technical Information:
Camera : X-T1
Focal Length : 23 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/125 s
Aperture : f/3.2
Iso : 1000
Copyright : Greg Bethmann
Taken : September 24, 2016, 8:18 am
Uploaded : 1 year ago
Category :
Favorites : 3
Views : 176
External Views : 1165
Votes : 4
Points : 40.03
Facebook likes: 0
FINAL Points : 10.00
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