Gallery Awardlas cosas

las cosas las cosas
Copyright by: Fabio Secchia, Italy (from the set: Life in Colors)
made for the competition Street photography (2017/ 2018) - 3
he coins, the stick, the keychain, the quick lock, the later notes that they can not read my few days, playing cards and chess board, a book and the pages dried violet, monument of a certain evening unforgettable and forgotten, the red in the west mirror in which burns illusory an aurora. How many things, atlases, lime, thresholds, cups, nails, they serve as tacit slaves, without eyes, strangely secret! They will last beyond our forgetfulness. They will never know that we we left.

(Jorge Luis Borges)

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This photo is in "The Gallery"
Technical Information:
Camera : X100T
Focal Length : 23 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/800 s
Aperture : f/8.0
Iso : 200
Copyright : Fabio Secchia
Taken : March 5, 2017, 11:44 am
Uploaded : 7 months ago
Category :
Favorites : 8
Views : 160
External Views : 1843
Votes : 13
Points : 130.08
Facebook likes: 0
FINAL Points : 110.07
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