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When we stop chasing our happiness?

When we stop chasing our happiness? We always chasing our imaginary happiness, like having new car, married and having a child, or having so much money. Have we ever question to ourself, what is happiness? Is it a laughing? Is it a smile? or is it you can buy the world? But I always wondered, why the 'unfortune' people who don't have much money can live happy? They don't have enough shirt to change if it wet, they don't have much food to eat, and they don't have house to live. But when we reflect it, some of them who has all of them live in worried. From that case I always question to myself 'What Is Happiness?' ...


direction @somewhere in Tokyo, Japan. ...

Bar Kokhba

Bar Kokhba During the winter, in Bangkok are many celebration. This is with light in the night. ...


Plaza ...


Don't ...


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