Servility always curdles into rage at the end.

di: Sam Rodgers
scelta del concorso da parte del curatore: World Street Photography 4 Damon Jah: Despite the fact that this pic took me awhile to understand, I couldn’t stop watching it, till I got it. A body and a face on a flag in some relation in an accurat frame. Honestly there are not many pictures keep me captivated for so long. So for me it's a special street image, a winner!

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La Galleria

Senza titolo Fujifilm X-Pro2 + XF18mm. August 2016. ...

Life beside the border

Life beside the border Here I watched the four little unconcerned children were playing on a wooden platform beside the train line. They live in the small refugee colony beside the line. After talking with them they should inform me that they were brothers and they had no such playing ground or space here for playing. Because the train line is laying in the city and a tall wall is also followed by the train line and it’s also separated the line from the city for safety purpose.So they can’t cross the demarcation line. ...

Distorted World

Distorted World Photograph taken in Marseille (France) on the esplanade of the Mucem. ...


Thirst Seoul (KR), 2016. ...

underground homeless

underground homeless Taken in an underground car park in east london ...

Peace !

Peace ! Children at work at a traditional market in West Papua. ...


Milan ...

Geisha District, Kyoto

Geisha District, Kyoto Street Scene, Kyoto, Japan, February 2016 ...


Untitled Untitled © H. Severin, Hannover 2017 ...

American Iconography ( 1 )

American Iconography ( 1 ) ...


Run! A group of kid were running around at Kalijodo Skatepark in Jakarta ...


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