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Contributors, Special Recognition:

Street Photography Competition Curators:
Chris Suspect
Lauren Welles
Michael Ernest Sweet
Peter Kool
Tatsuo Suzuki
Siegfried Hansen
Setsiri Silapasuwanchai

Street Gallery Curators:
Lara Kantardjian
Gido Carper

Kujaja Curators:
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg (Flowers)
Robert E Smith (Black and white)
Lauren Rautenbach (Portrait)
Michael Leggero (Landscape)
Kutub Uddin (Macro)

Translations Courtesy of:
Turkish: Erhan Atilganer
French & Arabic: Jamal Ouguimi
Spanish: Javier Luces
Brasilian: Thelma Gatuzzo
Japanese: Marcela Tamura de Lima
Italien: Sara Muraglia
Austrian/German: Rudolf Moerkl
English: Brian Sanders
Polish: Oneyedpirate.com
Russian: Natalia Guillaume

Photobook Design (One minute on earth, Night on earth, Mysticlandscapes, Flowers, World Street Photography 2014 and 2015)
Eva Maria Kroder

Special thanks to
Nicole Cambré Donating Water Book cover photo and logo
Francisco Marty Donating One Minute One Earth cover photo and logo
Andreas Max Böckle Donating Night on Earth cover photo and logo
Sueo Takano Donating Flower cover photo and for its Japanese translation
Tatsuo Suzuki Donating World Street Photography 2013-2014 cover photo
Brian Sanders For grammar and spellchecking World Street Photography 2013-2014
Lauren Rautenbch For writing all of the book introductions
Jamal Ouguimi for testing and helping out so much
Sean Byrne for giving us the cover of the forest
Gusti Yogiswara for giving us the cover of One Minute On Earth 2014
Francisco Marty for the cover of One Minute on Earth 2013 and all the work he did for One Minute On Earth 2014
Rudi Boyer for the cover of World Street Photography 2015
Anirban Mukhopadhyay and Soumya Shankar Ghoshal for curatoring the WSP website for a long time, and visiting the Ashalayam home for us.
Bailey Cooper for editing, testing, and all interviews
ThompsonMan For letting us use his sound



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