World Street Photography 2 (2014/2015)

Photo by Rudy BOYER
2019-03-04 19:29:59
FYI the last competition of the already 6th world Street Photograpyh photo book is running at the moment, you can join until the 23th of March 2019 23:59:59 CET

2015-10-28 19:36:01
Hi all,

Check out Michael Sweets Book review:

dear regards
Osvaldo Mirante
2015-10-28 19:41:36
I am so proud of being part of Kujaja... congrats !
Andrea Scirè
2015-10-28 20:23:18
Rafa Lorenzo
2015-08-28 16:42:53
Dear all,

just received my book, and is really great! Love format and edition, and photos are amazing... such a great collection of wonderful street pics... very well done everybody!

un abrazo,
2015-08-05 19:45:14
I just found a presentation of the World Street Photo book 2015
at the magazin "die Zeit"

To all Books which didn't arrive yet, pls email me directly

Dear regards
Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-08-05 09:57:29
Dear Gido,

I ordered two books for a certain period of time. The first , which ordered is already in my house . Unfortunately, the second I ordered for my friend did not reach him. Could you check if everything is ok?

Thank you,

Muhammad IQbal
2015-08-05 05:30:08
Hi Gido,

Great to see that so many people have received the book already and are loving it.

Do you have any tracking mechanism for mine? I would like to check if it's getting delayed somewhere.

Muhammad IQbal
Orna Naor
2015-08-04 12:32:30
Finally the book has arrived!
Thank you Gido and all the stuff; wonderful work!!!
2015-08-04 19:04:58
I guess your package was lying a long time at the customs
Sandip Bose
2015-07-31 12:50:04
Just received the book and it looks awesome!!!! :-)
Orna Naor
2015-07-28 15:54:13
Hi Gido
Got your message
Still not the book..
Juliana Viana
2015-07-28 05:46:26
Great News !
2015-07-27 14:06:25
São Paulo, Brasil

As some of may have read already, we are trying to get the WSP exhibition to São Paulo. We just had a great meeting with the woman in charge at the exhibition in Hamburg. All we can tell is that it does look good! Depending on their budget and some other members of this gallery if the exhibition will take place this year very soon or in the next year. They are definitely interested! There will be other photos chosen from the WSP 2015 book (we will of course contact each photographer being exhibited personally) but like in Hamburg there will be a monitor showing all photos. Fingers crossed!

Osvaldo Mirante
2015-07-27 14:17:30
Good luck ! :)
Sandip Bose
2015-07-27 14:23:35
One more great news, let's hope for the best!! :-)
Juliana Viana
2015-07-28 05:47:47
Great News ! :)
Andrea Scirè
2015-07-28 09:12:37
Wow, amazing! Really great news.
Achim Katzberg - querformat-fotografie
2015-08-04 18:34:05
Sounds great. Cool!
Md Enamul Kabir
2015-08-04 19:34:20
That's great
Sandip Bose
2015-07-25 20:46:08
Hi Gido,

Great to see that so many people have received the book already and are loving it.

Do you have any tracking mechanism for mine? I would like to check if it's getting delayed somewhere.

Araai Ruka
2015-07-25 13:26:59
Hi Gido,
how do I know, is there any picture of mine ?
Araai Ruka
2015-07-28 10:34:17
I am still looking for answer...
Keiichi Ichikawa
2015-07-25 11:43:16
I received a photo book. This is a really great photo collection. Gido and World Street Photography team Thank you very much.
2015-07-25 12:35:16
Thank you too Keiichi!!
Karen Commings
2015-07-24 14:05:46
I received mine and it's wonderful!
2015-07-25 12:35:01
Great Karen!
Orna Naor
2015-07-24 05:09:41
Hi Gido
I still didn't get mine; is it only shipping problem? I can't wait to get it!!
2015-07-25 12:34:53
I send you a detailed email with all information, did you get it?
Lew Harford
2015-07-23 18:02:18
I got mine yesterday. This book will be a collector’s item. Everyone at Kujaja has produced one of the best books I’ve seen in a while. The earlier books I have ordered have been good, but this one is superb. The photography is fantastic, the printing is spot on and the book is big and beautiful. Nice work Gido, Jo and anyone else associated with the production on this one. Even though none of my images made this book I am so proud to be associated with so many fine people. I will treasure this book.
2015-07-23 18:56:45
That's really nice to read!! Thank you Lew. Hope all others who got the book the past days also like it (be honoust of course :-)

I just came back from the exhibition, where I wanted to meet a few friends. The doors have been open now all the time and there were a lot of people coming in and out of the exhibition. Jan (the man from the publishing house and gallery) told me that this have been all the time now. It was great to see people also staying there quit a long time because all of them ended up (after looking at all photos) sitting in front of the monitor watching all photos or reading the book.
When I arrived there were 4 people who were reading the book and bought a copy.
It was great to see all those people looking at all the photos! :-)) and liking them cause else they wouldn't stay so long.

Lew Harford
2015-07-23 19:57:46
That is wonderful. I'm sure you will sell out of books. I do think this book will be a collector's item. It is that good. Thank you for all your hard work. It sure paid off this time.
Osvaldo Mirante
2015-07-23 21:21:16
I just bought it !!!! I am so looking forward to receiving it ! And to dream with... thank you all !
Lew Harford
2015-07-23 22:00:28
And it is working Jo. Evident from the art being produced and the help for the kids on the street. Kujaja will be successful BECAUSE it helps those kids on the street. I don't know how you guys ever attempted this, but I'm sure glad you did. Thank you both.
Osvaldo Mirante
2015-07-24 07:21:23
I am proud to be here Gido and Jo and all the team !

You are doing a superb work

Mike Lee
2015-07-22 23:10:36
Received my copy as a gift from another photographer featured in the book, and I feel very lucky to have gotten in. Thank you, Gido and Jo. I really am honored and humbled to be included.
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2015-07-18 19:31:21
Can you plz let me know whether my book has been sent !
2015-07-19 15:18:06
ALL books ordered have been send out last week
Karen Commings
2015-07-17 14:55:40
Any word when the books will be sent out. I ordered one on May 6. Thanks.
2015-07-18 17:09:23
Hi Karen
your book went out last week. I can't tell how long exactly will take to get to you. Sometimes it goes very quick sometimes it really takes a lot of time. (India sometimes takes up to 6 weeks, the USA differs from 1 week up to 3 weeks, bigger packages can take up to 4-5 weeks.
The book went out so late because the post was striking and we didnt want to have the packages laying for weeks in some kind of postal house, so we send them when the post started working again.

2015-07-16 19:19:14
themagazine 'ELLE Decoration Philippines’ will publish an article about the World Street Photo book in Sept or October edition.
If there is somebody from the Philippines among us or knows anybody there, it would be great to get a copy. I am not sure if we will or can get our hands on the magazine, I of course asked for a copy but I am not sure if they will. This contact goes over the Publishing house... slowly the book and publication process has started ;-) Copies have been send to online and offline magazine so they might write about the book

Melvi Bunao Morfe
2015-07-17 05:21:30
Hi Gido,

I'm from Manila and just new here. I don't know anybody from the magazine but I'd be more than happy to help find you a copy...
Yong Kiang LIM
2015-07-17 07:06:55
Congrats to the team!
rekha nag
2015-07-17 07:23:37
Great news!
Andrea Scirè
2015-07-18 13:39:53
Julius Andres Manzano
2015-07-19 14:29:53
Hi Gido! I am from the Philippines and I will keep an eye on this. Will surely get a copy and send you photos of the published article. I haven't gotten the book because I am still having problems with my paypal account and my card. I hope it gets fixed this July so I can finally order.
2015-07-19 15:17:39
You can also buy the book over a lot of other book onlineshops or at amazon there you will find other pay options

Great you will check out the magazin too!
Sasan Ghahreman
2015-07-15 21:53:38
Many thanks dear Gido and congratulations! I need a little help here to order my copy of the book; I tried a couple of times (trying both the "product" section of the site and the red "buy this book" one, but somehow it doesn't work. There is a german message that I don't understand. Any suggestions?
2015-07-16 10:45:56
Hi Sasan,

we only have a few copies of the book left and I would prefer to sell them together with the WSP 2014 book for I still have copies of that book too and I really want to sell them all ;-) for especially the last copies are the ones which make the profit you can find the special price for both books here:

If you want to buy a single copy and click here on the red button, buy this book you get to the Website/webshop of the publishing house. I just told them to please rename everything in english.
"In den Warenkorb" means add to basket...
Warenkorb = Basket

If you need any help with translating please tell me

A lot of people have recieved their book by now, I hope all like it!
There is one mistake in the book which is really a pitty... on page 202 and 203 there is the photo of Vito Alagna twice and Marco Bozzatos photo is not in there... I am really sorry that this mistake got into the book. The entire team didnt see this mistake. Sorry Vito and Marco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasan Ghahreman
2015-07-16 20:08:50
Many thanks dear Gido, I just realized that my first attempt to order and purchase the book (about 10 days ago) has apparently worked and my paypal account has been charged for the amount of 59.99 Euro. Does that mean that I could be expecting to receive it? I can email you a copy of the the finalized order and the paypal receipt if it helps as the reference. I tried the red button yesterday; the price was 39.99 Euro for a COPY (20 Euro less than what I'd paid last week) but I couldn't finalize the order because there was "no shipping method available" to my address (Canada). But apparently the previous order has gone through. I wasn't sure and I only got the message from paypal today. I'm sorry for the trouble. but I appreciate if you could kindly confirm. Thanks again!
2015-07-18 17:06:43
Hi Sasan,

I checked, and your book went out here one the same day. ALL who ordered a book; all books have been send!!

At the red button you get to the publishing house and not to our website. The book it self costs 39,99 the rest is for postal and packaging costs. I am sure if you would end the order also the publishing house will charge you money for the delivery... but if not then they are offering the book cheaper as we can, which is of course fine with me but I didn't know that.

We paid 32 euros per book and had to buy 100 books, 7,99 donation and the rest for postal costs. some packages where cheaper then others because of where it got send, we can give back the difference but this is only a few euros and it would costs me hours to find out who paid a bit too much or not, it is easier to send the rest of the money to the children In Kalkota.

Sasan Ghahreman
2015-07-18 19:32:39
That's fine, I had no questions about the price difference, I just explained it as a reference to the payment so we could track the order. Many thanks again and I appreciate all your hard work and support! :)
Adem Topal
2015-07-10 10:32:23
ı am happy for that:) thanks a lot
Orna Naor
2015-07-10 05:14:16
Thank you so much Good. Can't wait for the book to arrive..
2015-07-09 22:53:41
Fiiiinall The packages came and the first charge of books have been send out. I could send to Europe only, but on saturday I can send the book to the rest of the world.
IF you got an email from dpd or this is the tracking email so you can see where your book is on your way to you. I guess this is not possible outside of europe (we'll see)

@Orna and @Maya your packages are also on their way

thank you all for your thanks!

have a great friday you all!
Sandip Bose
2015-07-12 11:17:29
Oh finally, can't wait to have it :-)
Sandip Bose
2015-07-15 21:57:54
Hi Gido, were you able to send the books out to India yet. Keep me posted, eagerly waiting to have it.
Sasan Ghahreman
2015-07-16 06:08:23
Hi again dear Gido, I tried to order the book through the links (about a week ago and again today, and sorry before reading these comments) but apparently there is no shipping methods available yet to Canada. Please let me know if I'm mistaken, and if there's anything else that I could try. Should I keep trying once in a while or just wait till you inform us? Thanks again and sorry for the trouble! :)
Dawn Mander
2015-07-07 09:01:59
Hi Gido, is it still possible to order books? ...I have people who would like one..thanks to you and the team for all your hard work.
Dawn Mander
2015-07-09 22:48:24
yes of course Dawn!
if we are out of books I can get more of them, there are 1000 copies, we had to buy 100 from which there are still some left

thanks Dawn!
Dawn Mander
2015-07-10 07:31:23
will be ordering this weekend then ...thanks again Gido you are a star
Pritam Saha
2015-07-07 08:46:41
Thank you for the nomination... Hope it will be finally selected too. :)
Kátia Lima
2015-07-06 16:07:25
Congratulations Gido, well done!!!!
Lauren Rautenbach
2015-07-06 08:52:57
It's just bloody marvelous! CONGRATS Gido .... look what you have done! :))
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2015-07-06 02:55:28
Congrats Gido !!! Amazing work by you and your team !!!
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2015-07-06 02:55:24
Congrats Gido !!! Amazing work by you and your team !!!
Tzen Xing
2015-07-05 21:59:49
Congratz Gido and the staff for such a successful project! Many thanks for all your hard work, efforts and support for so many photographers! I hope when this show is over, you will be able to go on vacation and just rest and relax for a while! Cheers!
2015-07-10 00:53:14
Thanks Tzen!
passion is passion. it is the same with photography, only if you are really passioned you will get there, but passion is like a mind holiday all the time for if you do what you want to do there is no need for a holiday. Passion is doing what you want to do. Passion takes all of your time. Familly is of course my main passion but the books is the second...... We are already finishing up the next book and there are more coming ;-)
Time is the only problem, there are three big ideas coming up and I didnt had the time to write them all down....
Ermanno Albano
2015-07-04 21:23:20
Congrats to you and the staff, bravi! Ciao Gido
Sandip Bose
2015-07-04 20:52:45
Thank you Gido, the photos look great on the screen!!
Orna Naor
2015-07-04 18:48:50
Thank you so much Good, for all the great work and effort
2015-07-04 19:49:43
Thank you too Orna!
Valeria Tofanelli
2015-07-04 17:58:59
Splendid work Gido, I really admire your passion for this project!
2015-07-04 19:49:33
Thank you Valeria
It makes fun and I really feel proud :-)
It takes of course too much time so every thing takes always more time. But if anybody would told me for three years we will have an exhibition in Hamburg and perhaps even one in Sau Paulo I wouldn't had believed that! :-)

If you like check out the the cover idea of the above book here it is:
oh wow... we just passed the 90,000 photo upload wow
Sandip Bose
2015-07-04 20:57:13
And this website will surpass many more milestones!!! :-)
Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-07-04 13:20:35
Congratulation for all!!! And many thanks to Gido for his work!!! Can't wait for the book :)
2015-07-04 17:34:04
Thank you too Kataryna!
Regina Lafay Bellamy
2015-07-04 12:10:03
Thanks, Gido!
2015-07-04 17:34:09
Thank you Regina!
Maja Siefarth
2015-07-04 10:03:02
Very kind of you , Gido! Thanks so much!
2015-07-04 17:34:17
Thank you too Maja!
Abir Choudhury
2015-07-04 09:35:49
2015-07-04 17:34:24
Thank you too Abir!
Vu Khanh Truong
2015-07-04 03:26:38
Thank you very much Gido!
2015-07-04 17:34:31
Thank you too Vu!
Fabio Secchia
2015-07-04 00:43:08
fantastic work Gido. a HUGE thanks for all of this. I'm one of the few fortunate that have had the chance to get the book and I can say it's AWESOME.
Maja Siefarth
2015-07-04 10:05:10
Lucky you, but how did you get the book, Fabio!
2015-07-04 17:28:54
I don't have any packaging for single books but I did had a big box for a lot of books, Fabio ordered a hughe amount of books so I didnt need the single book packing.
Which reminds me that you also ordered more then one book! I'll send you yours. The reason why the most of you dont have your books yet is that I dont have any packaging to send them with. And that is because the post is striking.
BUT here:!ut/p/b1/04_Sj9Q1NzewMDA1MbTQj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOLdjQ1CHZ0MHQ38_QLNDDwDXDwN3C1NjdzNjYEKIlEU-AQ7ARU4e4U6BvgZGPiaE6ffAAdwNCCkP1w_Cq-SIHMMBZhOBCvA4wY_j_zcVP3cqBw3S88sEwA50lJe/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/pw/Z7_G30UAB1A0ONQ60IPDI0G952GN2/ren/p=rowIndex=0/p=backAction=showOrder/p=action=showShipment/p=shipmentID=01182131835122/p=traceId=S45182037534/-/

you can see that the package has been resend and should be there on monday.... I dont understand why it takes sooo long for a package to be send... also here it takes more then 4 days within germany... totally crazy...

If the packages arrive we can start packing and sending the books to you all. I am really sorry that it takes such a long time!!!
Maja Siefarth
2015-07-04 17:49:27
Yes, Gido, I pre ordered three copies. Looking forward to receiving them.
A friend of mine wants to order the book, but to avoid PayPal. What are the possibilities?
2015-07-04 19:31:39
non with us, but the book has an ISBN number, I am not 100% sure but the ISBN number is there so one can order the book from any bookstore. I guess it will then be a bit more expensive cause the bookstore needs to order it. For we sold almost all the books we have that might be a good solution to check that out
ISBN: 978-3-945772-06-5

here for example you can also buy the book:
or here;jsessionid=5A291FB0D5A45F4572781B014E7347AE.tc2p?sq=978-3-945772-06-5&sswg=ANY×tamp=1436030878135
or in an switzerland online store:
or here:
I guess there will be hunderds of bookstores online and a lot of offline bookstore where you get the book by now.
There were 2 other people who also had this problem... this might be a good solution :-)

Maja Siefarth
2015-07-04 22:39:54
Thank you very much for the links, Gido! It is very helpful!
Bailey Cooper
2015-07-08 08:47:36
ISBN numbers contain:
1. A prefix element (3 digits)
2. Group or country identifier which identifies a national or geographic grouping of publishers
3. Publisher identifier which identifies a particular publisher within a group
4. Title identifier which identifies a particular title or edition of a title
5. Check digit is the single digit at the end of the ISBN which validates the ISBN

The 13-digit number uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.

The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors.
liberti michele
2015-07-03 23:27:06
Gido Thanks for all your work and time spent to show us photos from Hamburg. I hope that the initial purpose has paid off. A greeting.
2015-07-04 17:34:43
Thank you too Liberti!
Andrea Scirè
2015-07-03 22:13:02
Thanks Gido... A very good work!!! thank you for the time you spent for all these shots and for give us the opportunity to see our photos in the gallery
2015-07-04 17:34:53
Thank you too Andrea!
Dawn Mander
2015-07-03 21:54:34
This really is fantastic Gido I can't thank you enough... Biggest congratulations to all very well done 😀
2015-07-04 17:35:02
Thank you Dawn!
2015-07-03 14:10:32
Hi All,
here you find almost all photos from the book at the exhibition:

share the photos if you like!

if all goes well we can start sending the book on saturday or monday.

have a great weekend!


Orna Naor
2015-07-03 18:59:05
Dear Gido
This is the first time I realize my photo is at the exhibition.
I say all photos are under your name; do not understand completely.
Are the photos also for sale? How is this process handles?
Thank you so much for everything
2015-07-04 17:21:35
The photos are under my name because I uploaded the photos here. Kujaja or WSP automaticly tag the photo you upload with your name and I couldn't change that... I uploaded 152 photos which was already a hard job and then finding all correct names would be a few days of work... sorry!
If you want to have your name on the photo I can send you all the photos so you can upload them all by yourself (pls add a link to the photo you want to have, I can also send you the CR2 file so you can edit them better then I did.

There was one persone at the opening of the exhibition asking if it was possible to have one of the photos which are shown at the monitor. I said of course yes but they need to tell me which photo they want so I can ask the photographer if he or she wants to sell it or not. That is of course all up to you.
Photos are printed on a very very high quality print I was amazed myself. The photos cost 350 euros, 100 for the print 125 for the Gallery and 125 for the photographer. All photographers who hang on the wall can decided them selves what to do with the money. Sounds perhaps bad if you know that at some places the quote for the photographer is at 70% but in that case the photographer also should have bring the photo to the gallery. We are lucky that we didnt had to pay anything for the exhibition.

In August I will meet a woman who lives in Sant Paulo, she has to do with art in Sant Paulo, Brasil, and wants to see the photos and we will discuss if we can bring the exhibition also to Sant Paulo in Brasil. She wants more photos hanging and beeing printed on the wall, I heard 40 Photos. The contact comes over a friend of mine.
After I met her I will of course inform you all, and again ask all photographers if they agree with an exhibition in Sant Paulo.

For the exhibition rooms are not always open in Hamburg and people need to ask to get in there, I don't think that a lot photos will be sold. I guess that we will have more success in Sant Paulo.
Let's see what happens :-)
Thank you too all!!


Maja Siefarth
2015-07-04 17:51:48
It would be great if the exhibition would be moved to Sao Paulo. Fingers crossed!
2015-06-27 12:03:20
Hi all!

Here are some great photos from the exhibition! (Mine all sucked these are the ones from the gallery)

There were a lot of people and from 19:00 till 00:00 people came in and out and at some times the gallery was really full.
A lot of Positive reactions!
All photos from the book which were not printed were shown on a big monitor where people stand for long times to see them all. So all who weren't printed, your photo is being shown too at the gallery.

The idea of hanging the entire book at the walls didn't look good so the gallery went for the big monitor. The guestbook idea was realized but hardly people wrote something down on the sheets which were lying in the other room. That is mostly done in one book but because we did it for all photos I guess people didn't understood what it was for.

Some photos were already sold, I don't know which ones. I do know one of the photos was sold before the exhibition started, a woman passed by and saw a photo through the windows and said to the gallery this is the photo I need and bought it instantly.

Oh and btw, the prints are soooo great, they are printed on something called votrex matte which is great every photographer who came in wanted to know what it is and where it was printed...
You could look to the photo in any direction without seeing the light getting into the photo... totally brilliant prints.

Siegfried Hanse and Renis Scerbauskas were there from the community and one new member Rodney Troy too, and some other local street photographers I didn't knew before.

Now the book should be slowly getting in to the book stores, if I find one I will shoot a photo of it. I guess the chance seeing a book here in Hamburg will be a bit higher as somewhere else. The entire list of where the book is or was sold we will get at the end...

Congrats to you all, this is an awesome Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am proud of you all and hope to see more great street photography from you all!


Francisco Marty
2015-06-27 12:51:00
Wonderful to see WSP 2015 on the streets of Hamburg and to read about the opening of the exhibition!
Sandip Bose
2015-06-27 15:15:04
Saw the photos and the prints really look great. Thank you for summarizing the whole event so nicely Gido.

Three cheers to the WSP community!!!!!!!
Lorenzo Fasola
2015-06-14 16:20:02
Gido thanks!:), thank you to all of you,
It is the exhibition in futura
It will be an extraordinary event
good work
Lorenzo Fasola

2015-06-10 17:28:55
Hi you all!

if you use a chrome browser (I guess ipad will also work) and you are logged in check out the book:

as soon as the other copies arrive the sending will start :-)

it looks awesome!!
(not all photos are shown I sometimes had 2 or 3 pages in my hand .... the movie has a rather hard contrast)

thaaank you all!

Francisco Marty
2015-06-10 17:35:56
Cogratulations Gido and all involved in the project!
Julius Andres Manzano
2015-06-07 13:53:39
Hi Gido. I'd really like to thank you and Jo, the Juries, the Kujaja team and everyone involved for making this happen. I'm really happy that my work is also selected to be part of the book. I am preordering the book this coming few days, I just need to fix something with my Paypal. I am also drafting a solicitation letter which I will send to certain people I know who will be willing to make donations by purchasing the book and donating the book to public libraries here in my city. I hope this goes well. Thank you again Gido and I just couldn't wait to order and get my hands on the book. :)
Sandip Bose
2015-06-10 17:59:46
This is great news Julius, if you can get more people to buy the book and donate to this great cause. Thank you so much ! Am sure everyone in the community would be very happy to know this as well!
2015-06-04 10:38:35
Hi you all

I summed up all information so all other people will see and understand what has been written here:
if something is missing please say so then I can add it.

have a great day!
2015-06-02 13:49:39
The Publishing house officially opened the Facebook invitation for the exhibition.
If you would like to come to hamburg you can add yourself here:

I guess not a lot of people are able to visit the exhibition but if you can we can of course also meet if you like (and if I have time too). I will be there at the opening of course and Jo and I will be there somewhere between the 30th July and 1st August (if all goes as planned).
Jo is btw also planing a kujaja Meet up in London (read about it at the talk: ) at the 30th of August. I don't think I can be there but with some luck perhaps I will make it.

dear regards

Sandip Bose
2015-06-02 19:40:32
Thank you for the update Gido.
Sandip Bose
2015-06-02 19:40:35
Thank you for the update Gido.
Abir Choudhury
2015-06-04 20:14:47
Thanks to you Gido. I have been eagerly waiting for the WSP yearbook. Will you be distributing it to the published photographers?
2015-06-07 13:55:20
I would love to give all photographers a copy but we don't have the money for that. We started the photo book idea with to just make something together for our selves and at the same time spending a bit more so we could donate a charity organisation; like giving yourself 2 presents. Now 3 years later the books got so much more professional as our first books and also print the book in larger numbers so we get a better price for all of us. This book is of course is the first time a publishing house is doing the printing, the exhibition and the marketing things we don't know how to organize and don't have the right connections to do so.
If we would send all photographers a copy it would cost us 103 x 60 = around 6000 euros. The total profit of the book will be around the same amount so if we would give you all a copy there is no money left to donate. So this is not an option.
Considering that the most of us have fancy cameras I don't think a lot of us no matter where they are from are living in poverty and couldn't afford the book. Of course the publishing house will earn money with our book while we are donating the money but in exchange we all get something something very important and that is real publicity. If we get more and more publicity and sell more and more book. we might even be able to send all photographers a free book but I guess that will take a while.

We did get a few free copies so If you can't afford the book you can get one of the free copies if you pay for the postal costs your self, I am at the moment not able to pay for this too.

Abir Choudhury
2015-06-07 19:15:24
thanks lot Gido
Vito Alagna
2015-05-27 20:34:29
Just pre-ordered my copy. Happy to be in the book! :-)
Vito Alagna
2015-05-27 21:59:16
Thanks! ;-)
sumit Das
2015-05-22 05:12:30
hi Gido,
i can't understand that my picture is selected or not. can you help me...the picture named "Hands". thank you
Sumit das.
Vu Khanh Truong
2015-05-27 03:17:55
Hi Jo and KJ,

I think you guys should stick or hang this answer in the discussion front page. It will be very helpful for everyone.
Rudra Roy Chowdhury
2015-05-21 19:47:32
Hi Gido,
How are you? Its been a long time that I am out of photography and kujaja's updates due to some issues and my email id was also been hacked.
Today, I just came to know that the World Photography Street Books is in it's way. A recent conversation also shows that one of my photographs has been indexed on this book, page no. 155. Would you please refer a link or detailed information in this regards or mail me please. It will be grateful.

Rudra Roy Chowdhury
2015-05-19 22:54:20
Yeah getting track of what has been said and written here is a big problem, it is even hard to reach the people who are in the book if it is really nessecary.. but it is even worse at media like facebook, one wrong click and the message you wanted to read is gone.. do you know that feeling?

Thanks Maja!

BTW you all have to know that the photos which are chosen for the exhibition are photos which were chosen by the aspect of being able to sell to others. People can buy a print of the photo that is why these photos have been chosen, this does not mean that other photos were less good or that these are the best photos from the book. We of course think that all photos in the book are brilliant!
(to the profit of the photos sold, we already had a discussion about this, the profits belong to the photographers, and it is their private decision what they do with it. Perhaps we will get some numbers at the end a lot of the money will be donated, still there have to be buyers to sell a photo... But the exhibition goes on for quit a long time (25 June - 15 Aug) so I guess the chances are good)

This book took us a lot of time.... When we started we did way more books as we are doing now but we are more perfect-ionizing the books and this cost a lot of work. But All work for this book has been done, and we will now finally move on to the "above" book. The only thing left I have to do is hang up guestbooks at all photos at the exhibition so the photographers will know later what people who saw the photo thought about there photo even if they wouldn't be able to visit the exhibition. (a great idea from Noppadol Maitreechit)

If any of you is interested in making an own book with an own subject, we are happy to help out and open the project here and sort all things out with our help. Of course your book with other photographers has to support a Charity organisation (which you can of course also decide yourself)

I can already tell you our next project;
In the next WSP book we want photos only taken in this year. Which of course has to do with being able to publish a yearly new book and not a new book with old photos. But my thought was, what about all those other great photos... Since Street photography also reflects a society within a certain time it would be a great loss for coming generations not to be able to see these photos. For we are not a facebook group, where the rights of the photos you upload immediately belong to facebook or a photo vogue, but independent (thank to all your donations for the website) and have way more information about the photos and you all, with which we are able to create a database for street photography which shows a country,city,street in a place in time.
I think if we mark our photos a bit better, in 50 years people can go look here and check out how did; Paris or any other town in the world look like in 2018 or . Of course street photography is not documentary photography only and way more art then just a documentary photo
But there are also great street photos like these:
or the photos shot in 1968 in Paris from Clausib:

photos which all reflect what is going on in a city, this is of course not what street photography is all about. On the other hand also Orna's photo reflect a time in place which should not to be forgotten:

I will add a special site for all your photos where you can order your photo into a time and place quicker. We still have other database problems at the moment as soon as they are over you will see the new functions. I hope you all also like the new idea.

have a great evening or day!
Orna Naor
2015-05-20 01:20:29
What a great idea!
Sandip Bose
2015-05-20 07:32:29
Brilliant idea, can't wait to see the new functionality!
Andrea Scirè
2015-05-20 09:22:02
I like your foresight, I fully agree
Orna Naor
2015-05-16 14:32:14
Hi Gido
Again, confused.. How can I know if any of my photos is in the exhibition? Lost tracks long ago..
Maja Siefarth
2015-05-19 10:47:27
Hi Orna,

The following persons and photos are on the exhibition:

CP Shio

Moniruzzaman Apon

Sandip Bose

Rudy Boyer

David Cassan

Elizabeth Char

Biyas Chatterjee

Abir Choudhury

Safia Delta

Darko Eterovic

Lorenzo Fasola

Keiichi Ichikawa

Vu Khanh Truong

Noppadol Maitreechit

Michele Rieri

Tatsuo Suzuki

Francesco Segantini

Alphan Yilmazmaden
Elizabeth CHAR
2015-05-15 13:13:21
Congrats for everything and all of you, specially for the Kujaja's team. You're doing a really good work.
Could you please, send us a link for the exhibition in Hambourg. Many thanks. Elizabeth
2015-05-15 18:50:16
Hi Elizabeth,

here is the URL:
There will be more urls I presume but this is the one from the publishing house
(you can also preorder over the publishing house, but please don't till we got rid of the 100 copies)

dear regards
Elizabeth CHAR
2015-05-15 22:22:31
Many thanks Gido.
Valeria Tofanelli
2015-05-14 21:02:00
Hi Gido, I have a question similar to Piotr. I'm trying to buy the book, but I can't complete the order. It seems that my card (Visa Electron) is non accepted, because doesn't belong to the circuit paypal. How can I buy the book?
2015-05-15 18:54:03
Hi Valeria,

we don't have a solution for other credit cards at the moment...I also don't see a solution in the near future. You can of course send the money to my bank account but I prefer to keep the accounts separated. But I am sure Paypal also accepts normal bank accounts.

Dear regards
Piotr Kutolowski
2015-05-12 15:02:07
Dear Guido, I would love to order the book but i don't intend to open paypal account for it, can do paymant with visa without third party, any chance?
2015-05-15 18:56:28
No I can't there is always a third party involved even with Visa. It would be of course be good to have an own paying system but that would mean also another contract for or WSP and more programming... since we have slight database problems we will have to solve this first before we invest more into an own paying system...
2015-05-11 16:11:46
It is official now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there were still some things which needed to be taken care of but now the contract is signed by both parties!!!

The exhibition and book openenig party will start at thursday the 25th of june at 19:00 and go on till the 15th of August 2015.

you are all of course invited to come! Hamburg is a great city and during the openenig there are a lot of other photography exhibitions.

We still need to get 46 preorders, so if you have friends who want the book too, it's best to preorder as soon as you can.
After the first 100 preorders are made I'll show you were you can continue to order the book.

have a great new week!


Dawn Mander
2015-05-11 16:23:51
warmest congratulations to all..thanks to Gido & the Kujaja gang :) hugs to all xxxx
2015-05-10 12:14:00
Congrats to all! Thanks again to Kujaja!
Very happy and proud!!
Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-05-10 12:15:30
Congrats Rudy!!!
Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-05-10 10:18:00
Dear Gido,

I have a question. I want to buy book from Poland. Price is 59 euro,but I can buy two books? why?:) Maby I will by byu two books for my friend also and then will be more less..? And maby you know of date of exhibition, becouse I want to come to Hamburg?

and another question :):) When I checked link with my photos in the book I have only one photo,now I see I,m in four pages in the book,and I don,t know wchich my photos are in the book:) Can you help me?:)

Once again thank you for youur work!!! Best regards Kasia
2015-05-10 14:37:47
Hi Katarzyna,
you can all help out calculating the right price from this page
the book is unfortunately 1.1 kg, that is of course totally silly cause it is 250 grams to heavy for the cheapest postal price, if I would have known this earlier we would have take more photos in the book....
but I douldnt weight the book yet so take 1.5 kg to be 100% sure and 150 grams of packaging. so 2 or 3 books can be send to poland for 15,99
plus 3 euros packaging
so 18,99, plus 2 books (2x39,99) makes 98,97 you can send this to our paypal account [email protected] but pls make the right calculation.
For you are from over 100 countries it is too hard for me to get the right packaging price for all countries.

that not the correct photos appear on your account is also of course a bad programming bug... I really hope that the opposite didn't happen too (like having a photo there but not being on the list of people in the book) I'send you an email with the links to the right photos.

btw after the 100 pre orders are made, you cant order anymore here anymore, for then the orders will be proceed over the publishing house and they take over. I also don't know how many copies will stay at the onlineshop of the publishing house and how many copies go away in stores...
we now almost sold 50 copies...I hope we can get the 100 this week.

the exhibition should start at the Friday (I guess evening) the 26th of June till the 15th of august. The opening Friday will of course contain a small opening party (I guess) but don't book a flight to Hamburg already till I confirm this for 100% some things might go wrong still or might change...I should know on monday/tuesday I don't think your photo is at the exhibition, at least I cant remember.
the exhibition is in a small gallery which isn't there yet and this exhibition is their first exhibition, at least this is the way I understood it.
It starts a bit late but it will still be on the weekend of the foto triniale where there are several other photo exhibitions all around the city, but the triniale ends after the first weekend of the exhibition, our exhibition then will continue.

as soon as I know more I tell you!

dear regards
Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-05-10 16:10:06
Thak you ver much for information, I send money with Paypal and I write to you:)

Best regards,Kasia
Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-05-11 15:56:36
Dear Gido,

I send money by Paypal for one book. Its true that will be delivery in 8 weeks?:) Best regards,Kasia:)
2015-05-11 16:13:49
Thanks Kataryna!

the 8 weeks is a standard message...
but I guess it will almost fit ... since the book will be available at the 25th of june.. Though I think you have to count with July to have it in your hands depending on where you are in the world....

Katarzyna Kubiak
2015-05-11 16:16:30
Thak you once again:) I will waite. I hope we will see in Hamburg. Great Day:)
Tzen Xing
2015-05-10 06:41:53
Hi Gido,
Can my sister order 2 books, using her credit card and US dollars? Or can only photographers order the book at this time?

Tzen Xing
Sandip Bose
2015-05-10 09:07:29
Hi Tzen,

Anyone should be able to order the book from this link.

Tzen Xing
2015-05-10 21:55:38
Thanks! will do so.
Giovanni Mancinelli
2015-05-09 11:13:40
Thank You a lot in order to choose my photo
Please correct the name in 'Giovanni Mancinelli'
2015-05-10 14:38:46
Hi Giovanni,

where is then your name written wrongly? I don't think we can change anything anymore...

dear regards
Giovanni Mancinelli
2015-05-10 19:33:19
In the photographer list below... 'Giovani Mancinelli' In my profile everithing is ok. Let me know!
2015-05-11 11:10:35
hapüüh! I was able to get your name in the index right... just in time... funny is that only in the index your name was written wrongly everywhere else it was spelled right
Giovanni Mancinelli
2015-05-19 18:45:05
Thanks a lot!
2015-05-08 11:14:23
I am of course very happy that you are all very happy too :-)

To the people who ask if they are in the book or not. The list below is a copy of the photographers index of the book, we have double tripple and more checked if this list is okay and if there are NO mistakes made, so the list really is the real thing. We won't change anything. The list is the list. there are no mistakes.

In Some cases I see that the postal price is too high, there are some other ways to send the book within europe for a less money. But I prefer to leave the postal costs as they are now, if your package cost less we will refund the difference.
For example Achim paid too much already... and Maja too, I see that the price for 2 books to Switzerland cost 26,90 in total and not what she paid now... the postal costs are too complicated to get this into paypal or programming on the fly... Normally we send the book as a book parcel but because it weighs too much we have to change in some cases to a normal parcel in some cases not... totally complicated... we WILL refund your money if you paid too much postal costs!

I really hope we get together the total of preorders!!!

have a great weekend and thank you too, without you all this book could never have been made :-)


RO karunanidhi
2015-05-07 23:48:27
Hello Gido My photos are selected?
Mike Lee
2015-05-07 18:12:44
I am truly proud and honored to have been selected for the book, and hope for greater success of this honorable project.
Andrea Scirè
2015-05-07 16:12:46
Hello Gido ... really thank to you and to the whole staff of Kujaja.
I am truly honored to be into the book with my 2 photos, i am realy proud to partecipate to this so nobile Initiative.
You are Great!

The greatest joy will be to see a little smile in the faces of children of Ashalayam - House of Hope.
Dawn Mander
2015-05-07 13:29:12
Thanks Gido, its a great honour...thanks :)
Radhakrishna Rao
2015-05-07 07:44:48
Hi Gido,
My I'm not In ?

Rk Rao
Dr.Anupam Sen Choudhury
2015-05-07 06:39:50
Thanks Gido, Jo and Kujaja team. Feeling Honoured.
Maja Siefarth
2015-05-06 23:35:21
Thanks Gido, Jo and the whole Kujaja team for all your hard work and dedication.
I am happy that my photo is selected for this year's book.
I have ordered two copies and I am looking forward to receiving them.
Warm regards,
Achim Katzberg - querformat-fotografie
2015-05-06 20:03:10
Hi Gido,
first of all thanks for all your work. Happy to be part of the book!
I just ordered my exemplar of the book.
Is there any chance to get a receipt?
Would be perfect.
Thanks in advance,
Orna Naor
2015-05-06 17:07:23
Dear Gido
Was trying to preorder the street book but each time I got a message there is an error loading the page. How can I know if my order was accepted?
2015-05-06 18:47:17
I am sorry that it didnt work properly, but it does work and we got your order!
I'll check it out now

Karen Commings
2015-05-06 14:30:49
Is there an updated list of who is in the book? You said there are 105 photographers but the list below had only a few. Thanks.
2015-05-06 15:03:33
The list of the few photos are the photos from the photographers who will be exhibited...
These are the persons in the book from the Index of the book in alphabetic order and behind the page number where there photo is

Abir Choudhury, India 52
Achim Katzberg, Germany 96-98
Adem Topal, Germany 141
Adnan Mustansir, India 149
Ajayan Kavungal Anat, India 106
Akash Ghosh, India 180
Alex Coghe, Mexico 17
Alphan Yilmazmaden, Turkey 182-183
Alqama Sadiq, India 152
Andrea Scirè, Italy 158-159
Aniruddha Guha Sankar, India 73
Ankana Chakraborty, India 51
Antonio Chiorazzo, United Kingdom 10-13
Antonio Ojeda, Spain 134-137
Arpit Saha, India 154
Baldy Patikradja, Indonesia 150
Bastian Saputra, Indonesia 160-161
Berns Gilna-Murphy, Ireland 74
Biyas Chatterjee, India 29, 50
Chris Borrel, Argentina 36-37
Christophe Viseux, France 178-179
CP Shio, Indonesia 100-101
Dan Manasescu, Romania 117
Darko Eterovic, Slovenia 60
David Cassan, Italy 44, 47
David Cristobal Huertas, Spain 72
Dawn Mander, United Kingdom 120
Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharjee, India 33
Dr. Anupam Sen Choudhury, India 165-166
El Gran Miguelitor Marina, China 121
Elisabeth Leeb, Austria 116
Elizabeth Char, France 48-49
Enamul Kabir, Bangladesh 93-94
Fabio Secchia, Italy 164
Frederic Vasquez, Scotland 184
Gabi Ben Avraham, Tel Aviv 30-32
Gagan Sadana, United Kingdom 14-16
Gioachino Gruttadauria, Italy 75
Giovani Mancinelli, Italy 119
Gorka Orexa, Basque Country 138
Igor Kozlov, Ukraine 109
Iryna Fedorovskaya, United States 65-67
Jacky CK, Malaysia 54
Jeff Cabella, France 144-145
Julia Daria Hill, United States 64
Julius Andres Manzano, Philippines 126-128
Katarzyna Kubiak, Poland 113-114, 118, 122
Keiichi Ichikawa, Japan 78-83
Lauren Rautenbach, South Africa 153
Liberti Michele, Italy 129-131
Liu Tao, China 174-177
Lorenzo Fasola, Italy 61-63
Maja Siefarth, Switzerland 157
Marco Bozzato, Italy 46
Matteo Abbondanza, Italy 19
Mike Lee, United States 185
Mirko Arganese, Italy 26-27
Mitsutaka Tajiri, Japan 173, 186
Moniruzzaman Apon, Bangladesh 24
Muhammed Iqbal, Indonesia 85-86
Natalia Michalska, United Kingdom 125
Nico Ouburg, Netherlands 139
Niladri Adhikary, India 25, 168
Noppadol Maitreechit, Thailand 110-111
Olesia Kim, Russia 107-108
Orna Naor, Israel 132-133
Partha Dam, India 57
Pawel Gulewicz, Poland 76-77
Piotr Kutolowski, Belgium 112, 115
Pushkar Raj Sharma, India 151
Rahmat Isnaini, Indonesia 35
Ravi Sharma, India 147
Remis Scerbauskas, Lithuania 28
Ritam Paul Chowdhury, India 124
Ronald Andrew Schvarztman, United States 18
Rudra Roy Chowdhury, India 155
Rudy Boyer, France 39-43
Safia Delta, France 55-56
Sandip Bose, India 38, 45
Sankar Sengupta, India 146
Santanu Biswas, India 34
Sasan Ghahreman, Canada 68-69
Sayan Dey, India 8
Segantini Francesco, Italy 99
Senthilkumar Kandhakrishnan, India 95
Siamak Eskandari, Canada 58
Siddharth Malkania, India 123
Simona Capriani, Italy 143
Soumya Shankar Ghosal, India 70-71
Souvik Rodricks, India 148
Steven Jensen, Scotland 88-92
Swarat Dey, India 59
Takaaki Ishikura, Japan 87
Tatsuo Suzuki, Japan 169-172
Teerayut Jarungrungruangchai, Thailand 84
Tjiu Thaipeng, Indonesia 9
Tzen Xing, United States 162-163
Valeriia Pletska, Netherlands 140
Victor Alexandre, Spain 142
Vito Alagna, Italy 22-23
Vladimir Badikov, Russia 181
Vu Khanh Truong, Vietnam 102-105
Widya Amrin, Indonesia 167
Yri Abe, Italy 20-21

Gagan Sadana
2015-05-06 15:26:58
Thanks a lot Gido. It's a great honour to have three of my photographs published in the World Street Photography photo book 2015. I have successfully placed my order.

Thanks to the whole of the Kujaja team for the countless number of hours and hard work in getting this book pubished.

gorka orexa
2015-05-06 16:06:18
I thought my picture wasn't in the book, this made my day!
I feel so honored.
Many thanks Gido and whole WSP team!
2015-05-06 10:19:11
Another update to the book. Today I will go to the publishing house to get the official papers.
Unfortunately Olympus won't be sponsoring the book. They are very interested and love it all but it was not possible to get the money needed in such short time. They want to be updated and sponsor next years book. We will see what happens then, we keep our fingers crossed. Of course we also wanted a sponsoring for the website....
The PDF gets send to the printing company today, there is one page left, if you want to sponsor the book printing there are 6 hours left....
For we now need to pay part of the production our self we need to start the pre ordering from today.
The book is way thicker then last years book, it will also weight more then last year. Therefor the shipping cost go up 10 Euros, that is of course not nice but you will get way way more photos and stories to read as last year. If we find a cheaper delivery service we will of course give you back the difference over Paypal.
We will have a few weeks to collect our part of the printing costs, but it would be great if you want to order the book to order it quicker then that (before I get a heart attack, for I will need to pay the missing part if we wont make it in time).

The book will be priced like last year 39.99 Euros plus 20 Euros packing and postal costs world wide. German buyers pay only 7 euro for the postal costs are way less.
Total amount of copies is 1,000 I got 4 copies for free for people who can't afford the book but are in the book, for we did not get sponsored it would be great if the people who get a free copy pay for the postal costs.

It has a hardcover, contains 232 pages (100 more then last year), contains 180 photos from 105 photographers. We always thank all people who joined the project, in this case we had to print 1,095 names. 7,735 photos were uploaded in total. The intro is of course from Lauren Rautenbach, the editing was done by Bailey Cooper, Corrections made by Harm Poelman, Jo Williams, and Francisco Marty. Design is also again from Eva Maria Kroder. Cover Photo Rudy Boyer. The book contains the same reportage (from the Orpahange in Kalkotta) as the first book made by Anirban Mukhopadhay and Soumya Shankar Ghosal.

The company who will publish it is the Gudberg Nerger Verlag. You'll find them here:
The book will also be in selected Book stores around Germany and in some special Art book stores in Europe and the USA.


Thank you!

Vu Khanh Truong
2015-04-23 11:12:11
Hi KJ,

Just curious, anything update information of the book printing progress and exhibition?

Big thanks!
2015-04-26 14:52:04
Hi Vu,
at the moment we are waiting for the publishing house. They are looking for a sponsor for the book (and the website). They told me they are talking with Olympus,but for this is a big company it will take a few days before we get a confirmation. The book needs to be at the printing house at the 10th of Mai to be publish on the day of the exhibition, till that day the publishing house and we want to wait with printing. If Olympus doesn't want to sponsor us they will of course look for another company.

If we get the book sponsored we don't need to pay our part of the printing costs and don't need a specified number of preorders which of course is good for us.

The exhibition will start within the 18th and 24th of June, the exact day I didn't get yet, I am trying to get the 18th or 19th as a start date so the exhibition will be within the event "Triennalle der Photographie Hamburg" which is a big event where there are numerous photography exhibition all in Hamburg. It would be great if that all works out for then there are a lot of people in Hamburg who come for photography exhibitions from every where, which means of course a lot more visitors.

If I hear more I will of course tell you.
As soon as the PDF is at the printing house you can all preorder the book of course.
Meanwhile we are already working on the "from above" photo book... we hope we can get that one too before the exhibition..

dear regards
Gido (KJ)

Idk Jlm
2015-04-26 17:15:03
can't wait to see the book:) olympus - great idea. fingers crossed
Rana Pandey
2015-04-14 20:46:53
Hi Gido
maybe the link which you just shared is not working for me, i was in the previous selection could plz tell me know whether i am there in the final selection or not
Thank you
2015-04-14 23:38:58
Hi Rana,

if your photo is not in the selection anymore it is not in the book. We don't really like to tell all reasons to all people separately but main reasons are:
- The photo was not available in high resolution.
- We couldn't find a photo which fit to another photo and we couldn't put the photo over 2 pages.
- There was no text no profile photo and only 1 or 2 photos in the profile and the person didn't reply to any of our emails
- There was a profile photo which did not belong to the photographer.
- The high Resolution photo was an upsized of the low resolution photo.
- Looking closer at the photo, the photo was broken (too much sharpening, too much editing).
- A book which is stitched like ours always need to have a number of pages which can be divided into 4 so:
if 2 photos fall out because of any of the above reasons 2 others also fall out or we need 2 new photos which is way harder to get then to take 2 out.
if the texts gets longer then excepted we can shorten the texts but not too much, so also the text of all photographers make the amount of pages go up or down.
if a photo gets added, we also need to see if the texts of the photographers still will fit, for example if we add a photo and then the photographers text need 2 pages more
- Time, in this case our biggest problem, for we had to get all missing information in the book and tried to do the best with it in the time possible. If we had endless time we could have been waiting and moving the contents of the book so long till all fit in... but at some point we need to make a cut and move forwards...

I am sorry your photo got out of the book it is a real lost!

dear regards

2015-04-14 15:02:29
Hi All,

yesterday I was at the publishing house, some good news some bad news.
First the bad news, a few people didn't make it into the book after all. After putting all photos in place there are always some photos which didnt fit in or we couldnt find a place for it or information is missing or still even only lowres photos were available. I am sorry if you are now not in the book anymore.
you can check if you are still in the book with the magic link: or

Good news, 2 entire books will be used to make a big mosaic of all pages of the book and this will hang on one wall of the exhibition room, so kind of all photos will be shown at the exhibition.
I let the publishin house choice the photos which will be at the exhibition below you find the list of people who will be exhibited.
All photographers have been contacted, if some photographers don't reply or don't want to be on the exhibition there might of course be a new list.

dear regards

The following persons and photos are on the exhibition:

CP Shio

Moniruzzaman Apon

Sandip Bose

Rudy Boyer

David Cassan

Elizabeth Char

Biyas Chatterjee

Abir Choudhury

Safia Delta

Darko Eterovic

Lorenzo Fasola

Keiichi Ichikawa

Vu Khanh Truong

Noppadol Maitreechit

Michele Rieri

Tatsuo Suzuki

Francesco Segantini

Alphan Yilmazmaden

Sandip Bose
2015-04-14 15:29:52
Thanks for the update Gido. Great selections for the exhibition!
Andrea Scirè
2015-04-14 16:48:27
Thanks for the update.
I insert my personal photo and a short description of the selected photo ;-)
2015-04-14 16:59:55
I just see that some photos might be missing, somebody just wrote me he was out of the book but he wasnt out of the book... I need to recheck all photos
2015-04-14 17:00:36
Andrea Scire the book is finished the text and the photos we had for 2 week, we used.
Andrea Scirè
2015-04-14 17:28:47
Ok it's not a problem :-)
Muhammad IQbal
2015-04-14 18:33:31
Thanks Gido.... :) ....
Bastian Saputra
2015-04-15 09:48:19
Thanks Gido...keen to see the book!
Orna Naor
2015-04-24 04:36:06
Completely confused. Have no idea anymore where to look for my photos..
Maja Siefarth
2015-04-24 23:11:11
Hi Orna! Try here: or here tography/en/myaccount/booktext/street-photography-book-nominations
Orna Naor
2015-04-27 13:18:51
Thank you!! Maja



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