World Street photography 5


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20.777 photos were uploaded into the street competitions, from photographers from 77 different countries to be able to make this years World Street Photography photobook. The book contains 212 great photos from 144 photographers from 35 countries. Congrats to all who joined this awesome project!

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Like every year we have to pay for half of the production costs, which is a great deal. But we still did not received enough pre orders.

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Here are the photographers in the book:

Ade Andryani, Adrian Capusan, Alex Cruceru, Anita Palcheska, Antonio E. Ojeda, António Carreira, Arsenio Jr Nidoy, Avesina Dharma, Ayanava Sil, Bassam Ihab, Biswajit Kumar, Bouwe Brouwer, Brice Garcin, Bruce Saille, Bruno Cunha, Cevin Kartero, Chan Chun Ming, Chelly Kay Bouferrache, Chris Suspect, Christopher Reuter, Colin Page, Cristóbal Carretero Cassinello, Damon Jah, Daniele Zarri, Dariusz Madziński, David Shokouhbeen, Delio Tolosa, Diana Kykot, Dickie Hill, Dipto Kairy, Dominika Ożyńska, Евгений Степанов, Ed Robertson, Edgaras Vaicikevicius, Elisa Distefano, Elizabeth Char, Enamul Kabir, Erick Peres, Erik Witsoe, Fabrizia Ascatigno, Fadi BouKaram, Federico Arcangeli, Florian Lavie-Badie, Gabriele Baretella, George Pentzikis, Giuseppe Pons, Gobinda Paul, Grzegorz Żukowski, Hakim Boulouiz, Hanna Sierakowska, Harry Aaldering, Helmut Ph. Kluge, Hieu Truong Minh, Hitesh Makwana, Ianos Rafael, Ignasi Raventos, Igor Coko, Ines MadDel, Ivan Huet, Jeffrey De Keyser, Jerry Weber, Jesus Jimenez, Jochem Schmidt, Johnny Garcea, Jonathan Higbee, Josh Ethan Johnson, Jubair Iqbal, Julia Coddington, Julian Del Nogal, Katarzyna Kubiak, Katica Kapulica, Kevin Icabales, Kirth Bobb, Ko Gowing, Koushik Sinha Roy, Lara Kantardjian, Laura Mexia, Lazarev Roman, Leonardo Garofalo, Luigi Lauria, Marcelo Davera, Marco Brecciaroli, Mario Harlekin, Massimiliano Landi, Mateusz Grabowski, Mathias Wasik, Matteo Abbondanza, Mayukh Mitra, Melissa O‘Shaughnessy, Melvin Anore, Michal Pachniewski, Michele Battilomo, Mike Gal, Mohammad Mushfiqur Rahman, Mona Singh, Moushumee K Jha, Neema Nick, Norbert Oksza Strzelecki, Norman Produit, Obatala Photography, Olah Laszlo-Tibor, Oliver-Parviz Engel, Omesh Meena, Osvaldo Mirante, Pankaj Sikder, Patrick Wendt, Paulo Abrantes, Peter Ydeen, Philip Bourke, Pierpaola Bucciol, Rab Thanasorn, Roberto Manfredi, Roland Groebe, Romeo Doneza, Romà Sorrosal, Sakib Pratyay, Sakulchai Sikitikul, Sam Rodgers, Saman Ali, Samuel Lintaro Hopf, Shah Toufiqur Rahman, Siegfried Hansen, Simone C. Sander, Sonal Shah, Soumyendra Saha, Sourav Das, Stanislav Sitnikov, Stefano Gallo, Stefano Lista, Sutapa Roy, Syafrizal Gatfani, Tejal Mewar, Tim Huynh, Tin Trong, Tom Young, Tomasz Bosiacki, Tony Lif, Torsten Köster, Vanessa Cass, Vinod Babu, Widiyanata S. Fresta, Xenia Zakruzhnykh, Yannis Bautrait, Yosri Lahouar
Congrats to you all!

You can find all photos which are in the book here (click)


If you weren't selected for the WSP 5 book it doesn't mean that your work is isn't great, it is great. Thank you all for joining and showing each other the world over street photography! Congrats to you all!




WSP 1- 4 Exhibition


8th of June 2018 19:00 (till ~ 17th June 2018)
A selection of photos of the first 4 World Street Photography Photobooks; 1 2 3 and 4 will be exhibited. This exhibition will be at a really fancy location; at the first store of the "Kraftwerk Bille"; an old Powerplant. There will be a lot of artists/photographers exhibiting within this old power plant and is a around 20 minutes walk away from the main Phototriennalle exhibition. At the 6th and the 17th there will be also be a party with a dj in the building starting at 21:00.

Pre opening 6th of june 19:30
Opening 8th of June 19:00
Finisage 17th of June 19:00

Address: Kraftwerk Bille
(1st floor Zählerwerk)
Bullerdeich 14
20537 Hamburg Germany
homepage: The building is next to the "Schaltzentralle"
Check out some photos of this Power plant here (click)

Here you can see all photos being exhibited (click)


A few photos from the WSP 1- 4 exhibition



WSP 5 Exhibition / Book release


At the 15th of June 19:00 the WSP5 book will be released. In the Gudberg Nerger Gallery there will be an exhibition of WSP5 and the book will also be released. Like each year we don't know how photos of the WSP5 will be presented. Each year has been a surprise and a great exhibition.
If you want to come or want to help out with the event, you can join the facebook event at:
and spread the news!
If you want to help out by pre ordering the book:

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If you (pre)ordered the book: the book will be send out as soon as the book arrives. Depending on where you are it can take up to 3 weeks before you have the book in your hands.


With each WSP book we make some profit but this profit will be send directly to the German Ashalayam organization who support street children in Kalkota, India, by giving them shelter, food, education and love.



Preceiving the void - 13 views on Tokyo

22th of June 2018 19:00 (till ~ 31. July 2018)
Damon Jah organized an Street photography exhibition in the Atelierhaus with Tatsou Suzuki, VoidTokyo Collective, Chris "Candid" Schirrmacher and Damon Jah. Tatsou Suzuki will fly from Japan to Hamburg and will be there at the opening. Address:Atelierhaus23
Am Veringhof 23a
21107 Hamburg Germany
homepage exhibition:
homepage atlierhaus 23:


More exhibitions!

Also very intersting will be the off-triennale were several photographers exhibit in several locations in Hamburg
and of course the triennale:  







See you in Hamburg!