Fadi BouKaram's street competition Protests

Photo Fadi BouKaram

Curator of this competition: Fadi BouKaram

Fadi BouKaram Fadi BouKaram is a Lebanese photographer who was born and raised a nerd. After graduate degrees in electrical engineering and business, and a career spanning computer programming, banking, and fiscal laws, he woke up one day too tired of being a corporate drone. Life was too short for photography to be a side dish.

He gave away most of his earthly possessions, flew to the US, and went on a 5-month RV road trip; the imperialist influences of Robert Frank and John Steinbeck were too strong for this Arab to resist.

Fadi is a co-founder of the international collective ‘Observe’, where members believe that navel-gazing is a four-letter word. He has exhibited, both solo and with the collective, in several dots on the globe. He is also working on his first book, which is going to be a smash hit.

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Tebrikler Bruno Cunha!

Brasília, 2017

Brasília, 2017 Brasília, 2017
Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram:I love this shot because it was able to portray the multiple attitudes towards demonstrations. There's smoke in the background, and there are people on the street demonstrating, while in the foreground there are the 'selfie participants' who, instead of marching with the people, they wait for the photo opportunities.



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Tebrikler Norbert Oksza Strzelecki!

March of Equality

March of Equality March of Equality
Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram:The reason I love this photo is that, unlike the selfie-folks from the first photo, there are some who are unable to walk the streets, yet participate the way they can.
And this photo is a beautiful example of this.




Özel anma

Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: I really like the layering in the shot. The action is happening in the background, with the smoke leading the eye to the top of the photo where we see the two men in the window of the building. The man in the foreground anchors the shot.


Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: An unusual shot that works well because the slow shutter speed shows the energy of the marchers, with the merging colors from the street and the rainbow flag making for a beautiful color wave.


Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: This shot is all in the stern eyes of the policeman surrounded from all sides by the protesters and their chains.



Tebrikler Dickie Hill!

Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: The woman's anger says it all. The composition works very well because her arms, her finger, and the cord from the loud speaker all lead the eye toward her face, the star of the shot.


Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: Even without the sign explaining the situation, the photos the man is holding, his expression, his head wear all highlight what's happening. It's full of emotions.


Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: This shot is full of despair. The person at right is looking at the camera, but doesn't seem to be posing at all; there's apathy in the eyes.


Fadi BouKaram
Fadi BouKaram: The defiant eyes, the nudity, the message on the back. It says it all.







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