Street Mysteries

Street Mysteries Street Mysteries
Copyright fotoğraf sahibi:: Vasco Trancoso, Portugal (from the set: Colour Work)
şu albüm için çekti: World Street Photography 5
I have occasionally read some bad criticism (I agree with constructive criticism and not criticize) by some (very few) photographers undervaluating photography done on public places under the so called "shades and light" category. Arguments are generally based on pretense Photoshop manipulations - with or without using brush.
Unfortunately they do not present concrete examples demonstrating the statements. And the most curious is that after some time I see “shades and light” photographs in color made (incoherently) by those who criticized them before.

In my opinion “shades and light” photographs made in urban environments (which I like and do) are a category that should be as respectable as any other (eg without People, Graphic, Reflections, Architecture, etc.). And as in all genres there are good and bad photographs. I remember the work of great photographers such as Alex Webb, Constantine Manos, Nikos Economopoulos, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Harry Gruyaert and others.
"The drama of light exists not only in what is in the light, but also what is left dark. If the light is everywhere, the drama is gone. " - Jay Maisel.

I would like, however, to mention that I first photograph under conditions (usually sunny days) in which there is a great natural contrast between the zone of shadows and the zone of light. Then I calculate the exposure for the brightest zone. So the shadows are underexposed and almost "naturally" black. The image I see on the lcd of the camera does not differ much from the final result. During p.p. I never use any brush tool or other "skillful manipulation" procedure - but only tone curves, shadows tool or highlight correction. And I do not even use luminance contrast. Adjustments that I think comparable to dodge and burn darkroom processing if you work with film. And I do not add, or remove elements from the original image.

PS: This photo was made during a Medieval Festival at Óbidos Castle near my hometown.

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