Results of the 4th WSP competition!

So many great photos were uploaded! Thank you all for joining the 4th World Street Photography Competition, Congrats to you all!

Before we get to the curators choices...

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For we were very busy with all server moving problems the past 4-6 weeks, we are totally late with the results of the street competitions. But we are on it!

Don't forget! All street competitions will end at the 31th of January 2018, there won't be a super last call like we did the past years. For this year the photography trinale is taking place in Hamburg, we want to have the book done at the trinale therefor we need to be done earlier as in the past years.

btw Jonathan Highbee's juxta position competition reached 1000 uploads therefor this competition will end and a second one will start.

Back to the competition, Lara Kantardjian curated this great competition and here are her restults!

Curators First Choice

The curators first choice is awarded to Tin Trong for the image ''

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: I love everything about this photo. Having seen many photos of this location, I think it’s taken at the Cao Dai Temple in Vietnam. It’s wonderful to see these devotees after their worship ceremony with their long white flowing robes. The wide angle allows us to get a real sense of place. I particularly love the defiant and beautiful devotee nearest to us in the foreground. I love how it was taken close enough to draw us into the scene and see her wonderful expression and a feeling of strength and confidence she exudes in her stride. Her almost central placement is excellent as it not only balances the composition, but creates leading lines. Overall for me, this is such a beautiful moment with a strong composition.

Curators Second Choice

The curators second choice is awarded to Saman Ali for the image 'Smoker # 12'

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: Excellent street portrait of a character oozing in charisma. Its in all the details, from his sunglasses, stylish ring, watch, overcoat and hat. His far off look makes you feel like he is lost in his own world – a daydream perhaps. I really like how the photographer here is almost invisible. Richard Avedon said that a photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows that they are being photographed, and what they do with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what they are wearing or how they look. If he knew his portrait was being taken, he certainly doesn’t seem to mind. If he didn’t than it’s a fine example of how you can get close, connect and take a portrait respectfully. I admire that. This certainly feels like a carefully composed and timed photo not just a quick lucky shot. Not that it really matters how it was taken. What really matters is the final image itself and what it says. And this for me is a portrait with a story. His story told in that single look and individual style. Wonderful and timeless work.

Special mentions

Sand Workers by Tejal Mewar

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: Great documentary of these sand workers whose expressions alone shows the physical strain of the hard work carried out. Waiting for the right moment and light adds so much to this photo from the shadows of the workers as well as the photographer which is a nice touch in this image. I like the layering and the atmosphere creates by the details, from the light, the many different textures, the smoke bellowing out from the boat to the ripples in the water. Well timed and framed with a great perspective.

This is not sea by Fabrizia Ascatigno

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: Genius! What do you do on a hot sunny day? Get your bikinis on, lay down your beach towels and take in the sea view. Or in this case, find a patch of grass in the suburbs and work on your tan regardless of the absence of sea and sand. I love how they are all facing the block of flats. This photo along with the title really made me smile.

Untitled by Michal Pachniewski

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: I love the surreal and humorous nature of this photo. It just screams pink and is just so crazy good. The juxtaposition is awesome and really surprised me. Made me smile too from the moment I saw it.

The Waves .. by Aniruddha Guha Sarkar

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: I adore the simplicity and composition of this image. Such a beautiful moment, so humane and with beautiful tones and mood. The tenderness stays with you long after seeing it. A very special photo for me and one that touched my heart.

Les Vans, Août 2017. by Jean-François Chane-Mouye

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Lara Kantardjian: The light of the golden hour is so special. It opens up so many possibilities as can be seen here. Wonderful shadow play and tones with a creative eye. Love this!

Lara Kantardjian

Lara Kantardjian

Fine art street photographer and artist (b. 1968 Nicosia, Cyprus), based in London. Working predominantly with film photography. Began art education 1987 and studied fine art painting and photography at the London University of the Arts, graduating with a BA Degree from Central Saint Martins and Masters Degree at Chelsea College of Art (1992-‘96). During which time, did an Internship at Sotheby’s and a Curatorial Training Program at the Tate, London, worked at Smith’s Gallery for The Contemporary Society and assisted in curating group exhibitions at the Lethaby Gallery, Smith’s Gallery and London Institute Gallery. Thereafter leased a warehouse and in partnership set up an independent artists run studio and gallery showcasing emerging artists. Exhibited both paintings and photographs in solo and group shows since 1993, in London, Paris, Budapest, NYC and most recently at The Shanghai International Photography Festival, with work housed in private and public collections, including the UK Public Art Collection. Member of ACAVA (Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art) and resident artist at Palace Wharf Studios (1998-’14). Initiated The Analogue Street Collective – a project featuring and publishing the work of the collective as well as invited street photographers and currently working on book publications.Publications featuring Lara Kantardjian's work include Inspired Eye Magazine, STARK-Magazine, doc! photo magazine and Aorta magazine with the recent Urban Pulse / Rome project featured in Resource Magazine and at LensCulture.
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Winner of the 'Viewers Choice' award

'Les Vans, Août 2017.' By Jean-François Chane-Mouye

Click on the image below and see it full size.

Another excellent World Street Photography competition, well done to everyone that entered.

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Lara Kantardjian & Gido Carper

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